2009 Game Cryer Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2009 Game Cryer Gift Guide. We asked a number of bloggers and podcasters to give us suggestions for games and game products they’d suggest as gifts for your favorite gamer. Below is a list of links so you can read and hear what they had to say. Enjoy.

Combat Pad (Paizo Publishing)
Suggested by Evil Machinations

Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks (Paizo Publishing)
Suggested by Dungeon Brew

Endeavor (Z-Man Games)
Suggested by Game Cryer

Mad Scientist University (Atlas Games)
Suggested by Jim – Yes, THAT Jim

Mutant City Blues (Pelgrane Press)
Suggested by All Games Considered

Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun Card Game (Mongoose Publishing)
Suggested by Dungeon Brew

Suggested by The Adventuring Party

Savage Worlds Freeport Companion (Green Ronin Publishing)
Suggested by Creatively Anomalous

Shock: Social Science Fiction (Glyph Press)
Suggested by Gnome Stew

Witch of Salem (Mayfair Games)
Suggested by Flames Rising

Suggested by KORE rpg

Zombie Murder Mystery (Expy Games)
Suggested by allgeektout

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