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Hello! It’s Thursday, 15 of September. Here are the top 4 news about games and gaming this week.

Blades in the Dark and Carthun: Lands of Conflict will get retail releases

Evil Hat have announced they’ll be publishing two Kickstarter-success RPGs: in early 2017, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Blades in the Dark and Karthun: Lands of Conflict through the Evil Hat webstore or your favorite brick-and-mortar game store. Blades in the Dark, designed by John Harper, is a standalone RPG about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. Karthun, by Tracy Barnett and Brian Patterson, is a system-neutral epic fantasy setting which extensively describes a world torn nearly apart by ageless conflict, where men and gods wage wars that tear across lands and skies; it’s ruins now beg for adventurers to explore them.

Both books will be published as hard-cover in March or April of next year. MSRP for Blades in the Dark is $30 whereas MSRP for Karthun hasn’t been revealed yet.

Playroom Entertainment is now under the umbrella of Ultra PRO

The company behind Killer Bunnies, Unspeakable Words, and Geek Out! has been acquired by Ultra PRO International, better known for their sports and gaming collectibles accessories. Playroom founder Dan Rowen will be part of Ultra PRO as Director of Playroom Entertainment and manage the Playroom portfolio for Ultra PRO.

This is the fourth time Ultra PRO acquires a gaming company or its portfolio. The objetive is to solidify Ultra PRO’s entertainment division and use their already considerable reach to go beyond card sleeves and acrylic protective boxes to also be known as a gaming company. From the point of view of Playroom Entertainment, Dan Rowen says that now their games will benefit from Ultra PRO’s global reach.

I should add that last time we incorrectly reported that Ultra PRO had bought the company Stone Blade Entertainment. As some of you have pointed out in the comments and on social media, the correct information is that Ultra PRO has acquired the rights to present and future Stone Blade games, not the company. Thanks for everybody who pointed out my mistake.

Aye, Dark Overlord! by Asmodee now comes in two flavors

In Aye, Dark Overlord!, you and three to six friends gather around the table to pass the buck and explain the most recent failure to your unforgiving Dark Overlord, coming up with creative excuses in the hope that they will spare you and aim their withering look at another peon. You can build or break alliances with your fellow Servants as needed to save your own skin in this fun fantasy party game.

Now, you’ll be able to choose between two distinct versions of Aye, Dark Overlord!, or even mix them together. The classic 2005 version of the game is now The Red Box, faithfully reproducing all the buck-passing and backstabbing of the original game. And you can tell completely new stories of your mishaps with The Green Box, which includes new actions and an entirely new set of Hint cards featuring the hilarious and stunning artwork of Italian comic artist Riccardo Crosa.

Both boxes are currently in development with release sometime before the end of the year. Each will come with 121 Hint cards, 37 Action cards, 7 Withering Look cards and a rulebook. It plays 4–7 players, ages 14 and up, taking around 30–60 each match. MSRP will be $24.95.

Ubisoft celebrates 30 years and who gets a present is you.

As part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, which started in June, Ubisoft is giving away a free PC game every month. This month, it’s the open world race game The Crew.

The Crew is a 2014 online racing video game set in a large open world map across the United States developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. It was published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with an Xbox 360 port developed by Asobo Studio — but this giveaway is only for a copy of the game for Windows PC. Although I haven’t had time to check if you can run it on a Mac using CrossOver, I think it’s pretty likely.

The Crew will be available for 30 days counting from 14 of September. To get in the know of upcoming free games part of Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary celebration, just follow UbisoftClub on Twitter or the hashtag Ubi30.

The Gamerati Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing is coming at the 24 of September in Tacoma, WA. There you can play a grinder for Battletech, the science fiction tactical wargame by Catalyst Game Labs in which you control giant robots in battlefields in the far future. The grinder is a format where players get access to increasingly powerful mechs and is great for drop-in, drop-out play. The grinder starts at 10:00 AM and you do not need a reservation to join. Gamerati Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing happens from 9 AM to 9 PM, at First Christian Church of Tacoma. More information at

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