Tavern Cards Kickstarter [Review]

Earlier this year, I backed the Tavern Cards¬†Kickstarter from Hannah Lipsky (Swordgleam of Chaotic Shiny fame). It funded back in mid-February 2013 and I just received my cards at the end of January 2014. I was excited about the project because it combined two things I really like – random generation and easy-to-use RPG tools. Plus, the art looked cool and I’m a sucker for art.


So what did I get? A deck of 54 cards. Each suit corresponds to a different aspect of a tavern. Hearts = Drinks. Spades = Amenities. Diamonds = Miscellany. Clubs = Events. The cards also include art and keywords you can use to inspire various things as well. Kayden Raab did the art and Hannah came up with the ideas for the deck. And all together I think it came together nicely.

My goal was to shuffle the deck, draw 5 cards, and see what I could come up with… So that’s what I did. Here are the five cards I grabbed from the deck:

As you can see, I drew:

  • Strong Drinks – Brassy / Fox
  • Minstrel – Stable boy / Wandering
  • Dashing Rogue – Singing / Hosteler
  • Unusual Decor – Leaping / Sparrow
  • Lavish Breakfast – Unlucky / Kitten

Between the art, categories, and keywords I have plenty of details to throw together to quickly design a tavern or come up with a tavern-based encounter.

Here’s what I came up with:

The Brassy Fox tavern is known for its strong drinks and musical entertainment. The stable boy moonlights as a wandering minstrel in town and the owner, a dashing rogue, humbly spent time as a musician for a time as well. The two of them play and sing together most nights, ensuring a happy crowd. If the entertainment and drinks aren’t enough to keep folks happy, any who last to the wee hours of the morning are treated to a lavish breakfast to celebrate the day.

That doesn’t even bring in the unusual decor, which I was at a loss to incorporate on this go around.

Though the art isn’t the best I’ve seen in RPG products, it’s solid, colorful, and doesn’t detract in any way from the useful nature of the deck. I look forward to using it frequently when the need for a tavern or tavern event comes up!

Be sure to check out Chaotic Shiny and Chaotic Shiny Productions for more great stuff from Hannah!

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