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Welcome to Gamerati News Update. It’s Monday, July 18. I’m Marcelo and I’m here to catch you up in the best four gaming news from last week.

Level 99 Games is now accepting orders for EXCEED

Level 99 has partnered with Jasco Games to create EXCEED Fighting System and the first release, Red Horizon, is already accepting pre-orders at Level 99’s website. Release has been broken down into seasons. Each season will see the release of 4-character boxes until a season totals 16 characters. Red Horizon, the first box, comes with the characters Reese, Heidi, Vincent, and Nehtali.

So, EXCEED is a 2-player fighting card game that simulates the flow of 2D Fighting Games. In EXCEED, each player chooses a 30-card deck representing a single fighter, or mixes together two decks to form a Tag Team. As they fight, players’ hands will constantly change as options increase and decrease, and individual options become stronger or weaker based on your position and the opponent’s position. You can press your advantage as your opponent’s hand shrinks, or you can take the opportunity to bolster your own options and set up a better position.

There’s more to the game than that, I promise you. Take a look their website to understand why I’m excited about EXCEED.

Source: Level 99 Games

Why settle for the lesser evil?, Chaosium asks you this election season

So this is great. For $5 you can get a 72-page RPG system from Chaosium called Cthulhu for President, designed by Christopher O’Neil and Dan Landis originally in 2004 and now the Elder Party is back with brand-new illustrations!

In Cthulhu For President, you become an Elder Party staffer tasked with serving the Great Old Ones during their eternal struggle for domination. Cross wits with the other political parties, manipulate voters using non-Euclidian geometry, swear on the Necronomicon, and sacrifice your co-workers to the Elder Gods.

Cthulhu For President is a complete roleplaying game with rules for character generation, skills, combat, and magic in the shadowy world of occult national politics. A Campaign Manager section (which is the GM) includes adventure seeds, political enemies, Game Master secrets, and a ready-to-run adventure.

Source: Chaosium

Clue gets a new characters, and she’s deadly

The classic Hasbro board game is replacing Mrs. White with Dr. Orchid, making her the first discernible non-Caucasian character in the roster. As with all the characters in Clue, Dr. Orchid — Ph.D. in biology — is a shady character: the adopted daughter of the game’s mansion-owner, Samuel Black, Dr. Orchid was expelled from her Swiss boarding school after a near-fatal daffodil poisoning incident.

The change is in line with Hasbro’s other discreet widening of diversity in the company’s games. The importance of the change, though, doesn’t mean they won’t have fun with it. A Hasbro marketing executive stated that, “It was a difficult decision to say goodbye to Mrs. White, but after 70 years of suspicious activity, we decided that one of the characters had to go.”

Source: Slate

Mistborn: House War first supplement is called The Siege of Luthadel

With a little over two days to go in their very successful KS for Mistborn: House War, Crafty Games announced they’re working on the first expansion to the semi-coop intrigue board game inspired by the series of fantasy books by Brandon Sanderson. The Siege of Luthadel details the trials and tribulations faced by the nobility during the events of The Well of Ascension, the second book in the original Mistborn trilogy.

This supplement’s major addition is the Siege, which divides players into two teams: one consisting of the Houses besieging Luthadel, and the other consisting of those defending it. The progress of the siege is represented on the Siege Track, a sideboard that imparts benefits to those on one side of the walls and new challenges to those on the other.

When this expansion is used, the game ends when the Battle for Luthadel Problem card is solved or erupts, or when Unrest reaches 8, but there’s an additional twist! Only the highest or lowest score from the winning team can win the game. This gives players a reason to cooperate and collaborate, in addition to just “being on the right side of history” as the game comes to a close.

More information on how to be part of the select group of people helping make this game and this expansion a reality following the appropriate link in the shownotes. But don’t wait around. You have about 56 hours.

Source: Kickstarter

This is it. Your news for Monday, 18. If you live near Tacoma, WA, don’t forget the Gamerati Dev Day Sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing. For the aspiring game designer, come and get your games tested or play-test someone else’s game! Panda will be there to help you. They’ll also be handing out Dev Kits that show a little bit about what Panda has to offer you and your future game. The next event is happening at First Christian Church, 6th Ave. on July, 30th. More information through this link right here. As for me, I’ll see you again Thursday.

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