Fighter by Rene Arreola (Progression)

I asked artist Rene Arreola to ‘create a fighter’ – whatever comes to mind, without anything as a guide by imagination and association. The final ‘fighter’ was published on the Gamerati Facebook page, as part of the greater Fighter album. However, Rene was kind enough to send in a progression showing how this particular fighter went from concept to finished work. Enjoy.

01- Here is my initial Fighter concept sketch. Regular graphite on some bristol board.

01 Fighter_Rene Arreola

02- I work traditionally with paints and brushes. So, I use tracing paper to copy my concept sketch onto.

02 Fighter_Rene Arreola

03- After that, I’ll use some transfer paper in between the tracing and the painting surface. In this case, it’s a piece of preprimed canvas.

03 Fighter_Rene Arreola

04- The completed tracing and transfer. I use a red color pencil so I can see what areas I’ve gone over on the tracing.

04 Fighter_Rene Arreola

05- Here is my initial underpainting of the Fighter. Using acrylic paints, I thin out some Burnt Umber and proceed to add depth to the line art. The acrylic is like water color at this stage. Laying in the underpainting is quite fun, since it feels like I’m sketching all over again. This is a good thing because the underpainting is what will ultimately guide me as I continue to work the final piece.

05 Fighter_Rene Arreola

06- My fighter has a sort of regalness to him. I’ve envisioned him to have a cape. I grab some red acrylic paint and go straight to rendering. There is no normal background in this piece (a requirement of the assignment itself.) But I like to start with the objects in the background. In this case, it’s the Fighter’s cape.

06 Fighter_Rene Arreola

07- After the cape, I start blocking in parts of his costume’s torso.

07 Fighter_Rene Arreola

08- I work down into the legs.

08 Fighter_Rene Arreola

09- And continue down to his boots. I also start to work on his axe weapon.

09 Fighter_Rene Arreola

10- The torso and legs are pretty much complete at this stage.

10 Fighter_Rene Arreola

11- I start in on his skin tones now. I start out with two basic values: a shadow and a midtone.

11 Fighter_Rene Arreola

12- Here I start to darken the shadows of this eyes and eyebrows. This will refine and add focus to this face.

12 Fighter_Rene Arreola

13- I block in his gloves, all in shadow. This allows me to go back in and pick out the highlights in the fingers and glove area to give this hands depth.

13 Fighter_Rene Arreola

14- And…the final piece!


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