First Play: Runebound 2nd Edition (2005)

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First Play with Marcelo & Luciana: Episode 01-04

From the Fantasy Flight Games website…

In Runebound, a fantasy adventure board game for 1-6 players, you and your opponents take on the roles of Heroes questing across the land in search of adventure. Along the way, you will find magical artifacts and cunning allies (represented by Item and Ally cards) to help you in your quest. You will also encounter terrible villains and fiendish traps (represented by adventure cards) that you must overcome in order to complete your quest.

Your objective depends on which adventure you and your opponents choose to play, giving Runebound a near limitless replayability. The adventure is the heart of Runebound, and it determines the object of your quest, and what wonders and obstacles you will encounter along the way. The adventure included in the base game, for example, is “Rise of the Dragon Lords.” The vile necromancer Vorakesh is trying to find the ancient Dragon Runes and use them to resurrect Margath, the long-dead High Lord of the evil dragons. As a Hero of the land, it is your duty to stop Vorakesh from carrying out his mad designs.


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