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What is Hephaestus' Forge?

The hobby gaming industry has no lack of companies and products to choose from. Gamers can go into their local shop and see shelves stocked with Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire: the Masquerade and GURPS. These games, and others like them, are relatively well known to the gaming public. However, there are literally hundreds of games which cannot be found by entering a gaming shop. These games are produced by independent game designers and generally published on the internet for free or for a nominal price. Hephaestus Forge's mission is to provide support for these 'indie RPGs' - helping gamers find out more about what other alternatives lie beyond the realm of the established game manufacturers.

This area lists the Indie RPGs we have found so far, with links for web-supported games. Gaming magazines that acknowledge Indie RPGs are featured as well.

Would you respect a movie reviewer that never watched films? If you read a review here, you know the reviewer has played the game for real.

The game featured here is at this moment being played by groups around the world. We're here to discuss it, provide ideas and constructive criticism, and interact with the author. Everyone is invited to download a demo copy and join the process of RPG development.

What do you do with an Indie game? Some are happy to set up a free download off the Internet. Others want to see their game in hard-cover, on the shelves next to AD&D. Here's where to learn about how these goals, and anything in between them, might be accomplished.


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