Gamerati News Update: 04 January 2016

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Pathfinder Online Getting a Second Lease on Life.

Pathfinders rejoice. This Holiday season brought good tidings to fans of the Pathfinder Online MMO. In her end of year address to Pathfinder Online Players, acting Goblinworks CEO Lisa Stevens had some exciting news for those of us that have been following the development of Pathfinder Online – a new (as yet unnamed) company has expressed their intent (in writing) to take over development of the game.

If all goes well, we should see Pathfinder Online development pick up in earnest come March.

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MAGE Company goes digital!

The greek tabletop gaming company announced on social media last week that some or their games will be getting mobile app versions. They’ve partnered with Tabletopia, a company specialized in just this kind of thing, to create digital version of Hoyuk, Raid & Trade, and Wrong Chemistry. According to MAGE Company, that’s their first step into the future!

The three games are at present in open beta-testing so you can try them out. Just follow the links in the release linked below in the shownotes.

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Martin Wallace’s Steam gets “boxcar” expansion.

The fifth expansion to the modern classic board game Steam designed by Martin Wallace and published Mayfair Games will be called Steam Map Expansion 5: Boxcar. It’ll come with a new double-sided board with South-eastern United States on one side and India on the other. Also, the box will include previous mini-expansions only available as promos, such as Demanding Suppliers, City Growth Special Contractors, and Five Way Town. Boxcar is intended to be merged with previous map expansions as it brings new Action Tiles aimed at them, such as The Surveyor, The Midnight Express, The Local Payoff, and Corporate Charity. To top it off, we’re getting track tiles with complex hard curves.

Link: ICv2

Final Fantasy IX comes back in PC and mobile form in Japan!

Square Enix has announced that Japanese consumers will be seeing a porting Final Fantasy IX to PC, iOS and Android anytime now. Final Fantasy IX is easily the best iteration of the series to a lot of people. Some even dare say it’s the best video game title ever released. Alas, there’s no talk about this release coming to the West anytime soon…

…but I wouldn’t give up hope as other entries in the series have appeared on Steam or as ports to current generation consoles.

Link: IGN

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