Gamerati News Update: 09 May 2016

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The RPG Forgotten Futures is no longer a shareware, Games Workshop announces the Warhammer 40k board game Lost Patrol, Magic: The Gathering judges sue Wizards of the Coast, and EA DICE promises a more inclusive game in Battlefield 1.

Forgotten Futures is wrapping-up as a shareware game

Described as a “scientific romance RPG” — scientific romance being the predecessor of science fiction published in Victorian and Eduardian eras — Forgotten Futures has been released, updated, and expanded as shareware e-texts, mostly HTML since 1993 by the British author Marcus L. Rowland.

But now the rules for shareware have changed in Europe, so instead of requiring private information from players and paying taxes for this game that’s mainly a labor of love, Rowland decided to end the game in its shareware format, sending e-mails to anybody who has purchased a copy in the 23 years that the game has been alive, asking if they’d like a refund or to donate said refund to a cancer research organization in the UK.

Forgotten Futures is still alive, but now it’s going to be free with an option of a tip jar for voluntary contributions from which 10% will go to Cancer Research UK. If you payed for a copy of the game and didn’t get an e-mail from him, look for a link the shownotes to contact the author and tell him if you’d want a refund or not. He’s going to be sending refunds to the last known address through PayPal by the end of May to anybody he doesn’t hear back from.

Source: Forgotten Futures

Lost Patrol is the new game set in the Warhammer 40k universe by Games Workshop

Lost Patrol: Death in the Jungle continues Games Workshop’s recent trend of releasing complete games in one box and adds another: they promise a game for two players with matches lasting at about 30 minutes.

One player controls the famous Space Marines and the other controls the legendary Genestealers. The Marines are lost in a hostile jungle trying desperately to reach the safety of their dropship. The Genestealers just want to kil everything.

In order to reach a more mainstream audience, Lost Patrol will be available in June through general hobby, game, and toy stores, as well as through Games Workshop stores themselves. MSRP $60.

Source: Geek Dad

Magic: The Gathering judges are suing Wizards of the Coast

In a new class-action suit, the second as such in six months, people who worked as judges for M:tG events and tournaments are demanding the benefits of wages, meal breaks, overtime, etc. In other words, all the benefits attached to an employer/employee relationship.

WotC argues that those judges are merely doing voluntary work, which isn’t likely to stick because WotC isn’t either a public or a non-profit organization, as the wording “voluntary” requires in legalese.

Recent important rulings have broadened the scope of what constitutes an employer/employee relationship, so a federal judge will very likely agree with the plaintiffs. But it remains to be seen. As we say in Brazil, from a judge’s head or a baby’s butt, anything can come out of.

Source: Legal Solutions Blog

Battlefield 1 aspires to be more inclusive

When I saw the box art and the exclusive content of the most recent iteration of the Battlefield series by EA DICE, I couldn’t help but notice that the character depicted in the game cover and statuette of the collector’s edition is a black guy. That alone is a big deal in light the ocean of white dudes that constitute the standard character of almost any action game ever.

Looking further into the matter, I found that it was a conscious effort of the developer to explore little known facts about WWI and to be more inclusive. The black man in the box, for example, is Hellfighter, the very first African American infantry regiment to serve with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I and that helped the changes in public opinion of black soldiers in the decades to come.

The game trailer also depicts a Bedouin woman in a horse in the desert that the developers say is a playable character too.

Is was never exactly a fan of the Battlefield series, but I’m going to buy and play the hell out of this game. Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: GameSpot and VentureBeat

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