Gamerati News Update: 11 January 2016

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Catan belongs to Asmodee now.

After almost 20 years with Mayfair Games, the rights to anything Catan in English language will be moving to Asmodee North America. Pete Fenlon, formerly of Mayfair, will be the CEO of the newly-formed Catan Studio, an independent company under Asmodee that’ll handle any product related to Catan in the English language. In an interview for ICv2, Fenlon said Catan organized play as Mayfair created it will stay the same and that they have big plans for Catan licensed products. I am worried, though, of what’s going to be the fate of the Bob and Angus Show, that Pulp Gamer has been doing for Mayfair for years.

No, seriously, I am. I love that program.

Links: reddit  and Mayfair Games

Four releases for Fragged Empire.

Fragged Empire RPG, an Australian game in which I have my sights since inception, is getting four book releases this year. After a successful Kickstarter in 2014, the game designed by Wade Dyer was picked up by Modiphius Entertainment, which is going to release Fragged Empire Core Rulebook and Let Sleeping Gods Lie in January; The first is a 384-page full color hardcover, MSRP $58.99 and the second is a 40-page b&w softcover adventure, MSRP $14.99. Then in February we’ll get Genetic Spectres, a follow-up adventure to the first one, and in March The Antagonist Archive will hit shelves, a 140-page full color hardcover all about NPCs.

Modiphius will also carry the Deluxe GM Screen and the kit of four custom d6 dice at present sold-out in North America.

Link: ICv2

A miniature version of The Walking Dead.

Mantic Games will produce a tactical miniature game for two players using the license for the comic book The Walking Dead. Each player will control a faction of humans trying to survive in the city of Atlanta when it’s run over by zombies. The Walking Dead: All Out War, as the game’s going to be called, will also provide you with solo play rules. The use of TWD license guarantees Mantic with access to the comic team of creators, so we should expect familiar faces in plastic miniature version, such as Rick or Carl. They also promise sculptures mimicking the comic book look and feel.

MSRP will be $50 when the game releases by the end 2016.

Link: The Walking Dead

Level 99 Games is on clearance.

The company is finishing up their move to a new warehouse and they want your help moving some stuff. So if you were thinking of buying playmats, promo cards, artbooks, or other extras for their games — or even if you weren’t — that’s your chance! Head over to their online store through the link in the shownotes and enjoy some discounts while they last.

But be quick! They’re almost done moving.

Link: Level 99 Games

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