Gamerati News Update: 14 March 2016

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Brazilian Justice rules that CCGs can’t pay import duties, Invisible Inc. gets PS4 port, Pathfinder goes In Search of Sanity, and Starlit Citadel Reviews says bye-bye. Also: new GNU Thursday!

Card games in Brazil are to be considered books in regards to importation taxes.

I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. Up until April 2003, a comic shop from the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo — and I kid you not — called  “Comic Shop” imported Magic: The Gathering cards and payed no taxes on them because they were classified as books (I promise I’ll explain that in a moment). Then in April of 2003, the customs officer started to classify M:tG as a card game, which pays a lot of taxes.

Like, 60% including shipping. I know, it’s ridiculous. That’s why I had to do a Kickstarter to import games for First Play, my other show here at Gamerati on YouTube. The thing is, Comic Shop’s competition, a bookstore from Sao Paulo called Devir, had their imported Magic: The Gathering cards still classified as books by the same customs officer throughout 2003 and ’04. So they went to court. And, in 2005, the Prossecutor’s Office accepted the complaint and started investigating.

That began a legal battle that lasted for almost eleven years and it might have ended last Monday. The case reached the Supreme Federal Tribunal, Brazil’s analog of the Supreme Court of the United States. On March 7, Justice Dias Toffoli ruled that collectable card games are books for the purpose of import duties. Why did he do that?

In his brief, he called attention to the fact that the Brazilian Constitution doesn’t limit the concept of books to these things. Legally speaking, a book is any medium upon which literary work can be imparted. That’s why I didn’t pay import duties for this, neither for this or even for these. Justice Toffoli’s reasoning is that as card games such as Magic: the Gathering have literary-esque or literary-like quotes printed on them, they fit the description, so shouldn’t pay import duties. Here’s the catch. Brazilian Customs officially translates “collectible card games” as what in Portuguese literally means “strategy games with cards”.

Let me say that again, “strategy games with cards”.

Now I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that it implies that any game that has cards with quotes on them as components, arguably shouldn’t pay the exorbitant import duties levied by Brazil’s customs. If I’m not the only one thinking about it, and if that holds water, the cost of board games and even miniature war games in Brazil can drop a lot.

Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic. Things will take time to settle down. In the end, maybe only M:tG cards won’t pay import duties. Who know?

Links: Notícias STF e Ministério Público Federal (in Portuguese)

The rumors are true: Invisible, Inc. is getting a PS4 makeover!

Klei Entertainment has confirmed they not only are working on a PS4 version of Invisible, Inc. but it’s almost ready.

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based, stealth game with roguelike elements, developed by the Canadian independent studio. You play and control secret agents of an espionage agency sixty years in the future that has come under attack from multinational corporations.

The game won Best Downloadable and Best Indie Game at the 2015 Canadian Video Game Awards and Best Video Game at the 2015 Geekie Awards. This is the sixth game the company adapts into consoles, the previous ones being Eets: Chowdown, Shank 1, Shank 2, Mark of the Ninja, and Don’t Starve, which was also their first PS4 and WiiU port.

Corey Rollins from Klei told me that, for the port of Invisible, Inc. into PS4, they completely reworked the gameplay scheme from keyboard and mouse to fit and make sense in the PS controller. He said “I think a lot of people think this is a very simple thing to port, but a lot of care went in to bringing the beloved mouse / keyboard gameplay from the original PC release and not simply just re-assigning inputs but making the game really feel like it was designed for a controller.”

The console version arrives on April 19 and it includes Contingency Plan, originally a DLC expansion that adds four new Agents, two new starting programs, new weapons, items, and augments. If you pre-order the game at the PS Store you get it at a 10% discount. Link in the shownotes.

Link: Invisible, Inc. Console Edition PS4 Launch Details

OK, I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but hey! What can I do? Pathfinder + Cthulhu.

You might’ve guessed from Paizo’s name for the next Pathfinder adventure path, Strange Aeons, that cosmic horror is the theme. Well, they have unveiled the first adventure and it’s called In Search of Sanity.

Strange Aeons Adventure Path will have six adventures pitting players against the horrors of the Yellow Sign. The first one, In Search of Sanity, kicks thing off with brand-new 1st level characters inside a mental asylum, their memories gone and their sanity shattered. They must find clues to their staying there, who they are, what happened, and how to escape because the asylum was taken over my things men, elves or orcs were not meant to know.

In Search of Sanity will be a 96-page softcover book, MSRP $25, coming in August. It was written by Pathfinder veteran F. Wesley Schneider.

I’ll try not to bring more news related to Cthulhu for at least a month. Scouts honor (crosses fingers).

Link: ICv2

I bring today’s GNU home with sad news. The fourth and current season of Starlit Citadel Reviews on YouTube is their last one.

Kaja and Joanna have explained that the series started with the intent of bringing awareness to Canadian online game store Starlit Citadel, but traffic in the videos are overwhelmingly coming from outside of Canada, which just doesn’t justify the store expenses with the series. They have one more video left, which they promise it’s going to be special.

Nevertheless, Kaja and Joanna promised that’s not the last we see from them. Whatever the future holds, I personally thank both of them and the Starlit Citadel team for the collection of over 160 very informative, very well produced videos.

Link: Purple Pawn

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