Gamerati News Update: 15 February 2016

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Polaris RPG now in English, Warmachine gets Dawnguard Invictors and Sentinels, Agricola is revamped, and The Walking Dead: Michonne are the four news I have for you this week from the world of gaming!

Humankind was born in the seas and in the future we’re going back there to die.

That’s the premise of the French roleplaying game Polaris that Paizo is going to release in English in July, published by Gob in Tux.

In the future, the surface of the Earth as become uninhabitable, so humans had to go below the waves and reconstruct civilization in the oceans. Now humankind has to deal with this hostile environment we were never suited to live in, and also with genetic degeneration, never-ending wars, a dearth of resources, and — of course — sea monsters.

An English version of Polaris was going to seek crowdfunding on Kickstarter by the French company Black Books Editions before another company, Gob in Tux, picked it up a year ago. The version Paizo is distributing corresponds to an updated French 3rd edition. Instead of one massive book with more than 400 pages, the English edition will be split between a 256-page core rulebook and a 164-page Advanced Rules book both with a cleaner layout than the French version and full-color, whereas the original european was black and white.

You can still get a setting preview and quickstart rules from the site but there’s a chance that the version hitting shelves will be different.

Source: ICv2

It’s the coming of the Dawnguard Invictors and Sentinels!

Privateer Press has released new packs of the Dawnguard for Warmachine. They include the Invictors, which are the bulk of the Dawnguard order, always eager to charge the enemy positions, and the Sentinels and their huge cleaving blades. Also hitting stores this week: a Heavy Cavalry pack for the Steelhead Mercenary Companies and the Swamp Gobber Chef. Both Dawnguard boxes come with 12 figurines, MSRP $65. The Steelhead Heavy Cavalry comes in a pack of 5 miniatures, MSRP $90, and the stand-alone Swamp Gobber Chef has an MSRP of $13.

Source: Privateer Press

Agricola for the 21st century.

Mayfair Games plans to invest in updated and streamlined versions of the classic board game Agricola. They’ll break up the game into three different boxes aimed at different audiences. You start with the Agricola Family Edition, which features a simpler version of the game (without a deck of cards for example) for quicker, bite-sized matches.

Then you go to the new Agricola, which has been downsized to a 1–4 player game to be more accessible money-wise, has newly designed components, and an expanded deck featuring many of the most popular cards  from the base game and the expansions.

If you want a bigger game, you’ll just need to pick up the Agricola 5–6 Player Extension by the end of 2016, which will come with components to add up to two more players into the base game and more cards updated and handpicked by Uwe Rosenberg, the game designer himself.

We have no precise release dates or MSRPs yet, but the new base Agricola will probably cost around $60 and be released by the end of May. And I do hope they god rid of the Braggart card.

Source: Board Game Geek

We have a release date for the TWD: Michonne miniseries!

Telltale has announced that The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries will be available for PCs and Mac on the 23 of February at Xbox Live, PS Network, Telltale’s own on-line store, Steam, and your favourite online distribution service (the Mac Game Store in my case). iOS and Android versions will be available two days later.

It’s called a miniseries because it’ll have only three episodes. The first one is called In Too Deep; the second one is Give no Shelter (to be released in March); the third and last one is What We Deserve and we’ll be able to download it in April. You can buy all three episodes for $15 and get them as they’re released.

You can take a peek at the miniseries by going to They released a video with the first six minutes yesterday.

Source: Comics Beat

Get ready for our 2016 Game Day!

Presented by Dragonflight in Tacoma, WA, the Gamerati Game Day is happennig on March 5th at the Pacific Lutheran University. Kids 13 and under get in for free with a paying adult.


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