Gamerati News Update: 17 March 2016

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Carcassonne Star Wars comes to America, The One Ring comes to D&D, WizKids brings highly detailed miniatures to “leading licenses”, and Microsoft invites Sony to game party online.

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Do you sense a disturbance in the Force? Why yes, Carcassonne Star Wars is coming to America!

Since last year Europeans have access to the multilingual version of the game by the German company Hans im Glück but the Force is strong with Z-Man Games. This week they announce having secured the rights to one print run of Carcassonne Star Wars for the North American market.

Carcassonne Star Wars is similar to regular Carcassonne but with trading routes instead of roads, asteroid fields instead of cities, and planets instead of cloisters. Those areas are claimed by merchants, explorers, and conquerors. There’s no analog to the farmer (sorry, uncle Owen). Additionally, meeple color dictate your faction: you’re Empire if you choose white or black meeples, Rebel Alliance if you choose red or green, and Bounty Hunters if you choose the orange meeples. Faction symbols are also printed on many tiles and that helps you in majority control, which is determined by dice roll; you get dice according to how many meeples you have involved in the dispute, plus large meeples and matching faction symbols, up to three dice.

The game is played by 2–5 players, with a four-player team variant of two Empire against two Rebels. As I said, there’s initially going to be only one print run of the game, so you should get your copy ASAP if your interested. Remember: tardiness leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering…

Source: ICv2

The One Ring, Cubicle 7’s Lord of the Rings RPG, will be adapted to Dungeons & Dragons.

Outside of fan-made material through the years, The Lord of the Rings has never gotten an adaptation into Dungeons & Dragons, the RPG that it helped inspire. Well, that ends now that Dungeons & Dragons have an OGL.

Cubicle 7 is partnering with another UK-based company called Sophisticated Games to release The One Ring d20. Sophisticated Games isn’t strange to The Lord of the Rings, having published boards and card games for that and also for The Hobbit.

Fans of the native system don’t need to worry, as production in the original The One Ring line continues in full swing, with the supplement Journeys and Maps having being announced yesterday.

The One Ring d20 can be expected this summer. No MSRP or page count yet.

Sources: The Escapist and Cubicle 7

There’s going to be a highly detailed line of miniatures by WizKids Games!

Yesterday the New Jersey company announced for the end of the year a collection of 150 unpainted miniatures that will be available in specialty packs of Heros, Monsters, and Items. They promise a high level of detail using an enhanced sculpting process that highlights minute elements.

In the release, WizKids cryptically said these new minis will feature iconic characters and scenery of “leading licenses”, which I take as a pretty transparent way of not saying Pathfinder and D&D —WizKids has worked with both franchises before, so that’s where my money is.

All minis will come pre-primed with Vallejo paint. I use Humbrol myself, but Vallejo is a favorite of many of the guys I watch painting minis on YouTube.

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Source: WizKids

Microsoft invites Sony to multi-platform online interaction, and Sony answers “eh…”

On Monday Microsoft released a public invitation allowing developers to have their online cross-platform games to be played across networks. That’s a big deal, because historically MS has been pretty stringent about cross-platform play, whereas Sony has allowed Playstation and PCs gamers to play online together for more than a decade.

Microsoft’s invitation is clearly directed at Steam and Sony. GameSpot asked Sony for a comment, to which the Japanese company said they’d be happy to have this conversation with “publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play” without acknowledging Microsoft’s offer.

Sony is kinda busy right now filling up a pool of money with the sales of Playstation VR, so let’s wait and see if this story to develop further.

Source: GameSpot

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