Gamerati News Update: 18 April 2016

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New editions for Warmachine and Hordes, Naruto board game, Nocturnal Media buys West End Games, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is everything it should be!

The rules of engagement have been rewritten for Warmachine and Hordes

With the objetive of making their miniature wargames more intuitive to learn and quicker to play, Privateer Press announces new editions for Warmachine and Hordes. The new core rulebooks are called Warmachine: Prime and Hordes: Primal. Privateer will also release nine Battlegroup Starter Boxes that will come with a rules digest, basic training tutorial, dice, stat cards, a battle map, obstacle card, tokens, a ruler, a 22-page introduction guide, painting tutorial, a faction strategy guide, and lore related to the warlock or warcaster that’s in the box.

Along with Warmachine: Prime and Hordes: Primal, Privateer also plans to release twelve Faction Decks that will come with all the stat cards of each faction, so you can update your present collection of miniatures to the new edition.

I think that’s a good starting point if you’re curious about these steampunk/magic/lumbering monster mashup but thought the games are a little daunting. Both new editions and starter sets launch June 29. Fair warning: miniature wargaming is kind of addictive.


Stop the plans of the evil Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game

Published by Japanime Games, Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game is cooperative game for 2–5 players who take the role of Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Rock Lee, Sai, or Shikamaru in order to hinder the plans of the evil ninja syndicate who hunt the Jinchuriki.

It features three levels of play and plenty of ninja action as your journey around the world.

The game is set to be released in May. MSRP $50.

Source: I’m Board!

Nocturnal Media acquires West End Games

You probably know WEG by RPGs such as the Star Wars D6, Paranoia or Torg. Now the company and the IPs it still has belongs by Nocturnal Media, a company owned by White Wolf co-founder Stewart Wieck. You probably know Nocturnal Media by the game King Arthur Pendragon, the RPG Greg Stafford.

Nocturnal Media plans to keep the name WEG and the release a new edition of the D6 System with fan input, POD versions of D6 AdventureD6 Fantasy, D6 Space, and Septimus, the space opera setting by Bill Coffin, and a Kickstarter for a new edition of Greg Costikyan’s Web & Starship.

The KS launches tomorrow and if you want to give your 2 cents on the new D6 systems, head over to Noturnal Media’s forums at the company website.

Source: Nocturnal Media

Mirror’s Edge reboot addresses every flaw of its predecessor and it’s truly amazing

The 2008 free running game from DICE was immensely bold in it’s idea to mix platforming with First Person perspective. But the game was equally riddled with flaws and drawbacks, from the bland, empty city to the surrender half-way through the game by giving the main character a handgun.

Eight years later, DICE is releasing a reimagining of that same game, called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst that addresses all of the flaws that made the first game a good-hearted flop, by putting it in an open world full of people to talk to and get side-quests from and also reinventing the melee combat and tying it up with movement: the faster you are, the better and more awesome are your melee attacks. By the same token, simply standing and hitting will feel clunky and not powerful at all. That way, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst not so subtly suggests you should be always on the move in order to defeat enemies with grace and power.

Also, absolutely no guns for the character in this version of the game. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PCs May 24, 2016.

Source: GameSpot

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