Gamerati News Update: 21 March 2016

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Bloodborne the Card Game, Ethiopian mythology for D&D, tank skirmish miniature game, and Devil’s Third dev moves to Canada. Those are the stories of this Gamerati News Update!

Kill monsters and take their blood in Bloodborne the Card Game.

Eric M. Lang, known for a lot of board and card games, both original and licensed, such as Call of Cthulhu, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars card games, and the XCOM board game, has revealed on Twitter that he’s working on a card game adaptation of Bloodborne, the PS4 Souls-style game by FromSoftware, to be published by CoolMiniOrNot.

Bloodborne the Card Game is based on Chalice Dungeon and, according to Lang it’s a game of “risk management with a bit of group think, inventory management/upgrades, and tactical play in an intense 30 minute card game.”

There’s no MSRP or release date yet, so stay tuned.

Source: Gamespot

Meet the Men & Monsters of Ethiopia for Dungeons & Dragons.

Skirmisher Publishing, known for the 100 Oddities series, has released their first D&D 5th edition compatible sourcebook. Men & Monsters of Ethiopia is a 50-page fully illustrated PDF that tackles the rich history of this rugged country in the Horn of Africa.

It’s designed by Michael O. Varhola with art by Amanda Kahl and Brendan Cass. They delved into the legends and folklore of one of the oldest places on Earth to give you encounter, adventure, and campaign ideas, details about religions, peoples, NPCs, 17 completely new monsters and how to adapt 20 other monsters into an Ethiopian campaign.

At only $7.49 at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, I think you should give it a try if you’re a little tired of all the typical European fantasy tropes.

Source: Purple Pawn

Recreate the most epic tank battles from with Tanks: The World War II Tank Skirmish Game!

Beginning with a starter set, Gale Force 9 will be supporting throughout the year this quick and light skirmish miniature game. The first box is Panther vs. Sherman Starter Set that’ll come out in April costing $25 and come with 3 plastic tanks (1 Panther, 2 Sherman), 12 Dice, dozens of tokens for movement, destroyed, damage, and objective, 2 measuring arrows, 2 cardboard forests, 4 cardboard houses, and dozens of tank, crew, hero, upgrade, and damage cards — and also the 20-page rulebook.

Then GF9 will gradually release $10 expansions that’ll make the game really big if you want to. Each box will come with the appropriate tank model and cards for the tank, equipment, crew and one unique hero. They originally plan 20 of those expansions in the first few months.

Tanks promise a 30-minute game from the moment you open the box to the final action. You can download the rules from their website, where you’ll also find tips and suggestions for how to paint your miniatures.

Source: Gale Force 9

Valhalla Game Studios leaves Japan and sets up shop in Canada.

The videogame developer founded in 2009 and known for Devil’s Third has moved to the Great White North in order to better gather their resources and manage their human talents and compete in the Western market, according to one of the studio founders, Tomonobu Itagaki.

Valhalla Game Studios joins other heavy weights such as Ubisoft, BioWare, Rockstar, EA, and Warner Brothers Interactive in taking advantage of Canada’s tax incentives to setting up shop in the country.

The studio has produced only to two games: the aforementioned Devil’s Third and Devil’s Third Online (so far only available in Japan), but their founders are former Tecmo designers who worked on Monster Rancher, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, all pretty typical Japanese game series. If the move to Vancouver will affect their style, it remains to be seen.

Source: Gamasutra

And if you plan to be in Seattle for Emerald City ComicCon you might wanna check the Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital. You can play games, win prizes, eat delicious food, and mingle with game designers at the Columbia Tower on April 7th.

Source: FTW Events

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