Gamerati News Update: 22 Dec 2015

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Here’s some news of the gaming industry you might’ve missed…

Tyrants of the Underdark is the new board game from Wizards of the Coast.

Produced by Gale Force Nine and designed by Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson, who between them have designed most WotC board game in the last decade, Tyrants of the Underdark mixes area control and deck-building mechanics. 2–4 players represent one of the Drow houses of the Underdark and fight for territory on the board. They start with basic units but can acquire more as they accumulate influence or power, with which they can buy cards, and bring forth specialized units from five types (Conquest, Malice, Guile, Ambition, and Obedience). Each player’s deck of cards is a mix between two of four possible half-decks: Drow, Demons, Dragons, or Elemental Evil, which promises some leeway regarding strategy and play style.

MSRP is about 70 bucks and release date is somewhere in the spring of 2016. I can barely wait.


Do you know the game Hobbit Tales? How does Cthulhu Tales sound to you?

Cubicle 7 is about to release Cthulhu Tales, a storytelling card game in which the players are inmates in an early 20th century asylum trying to escape by proving to their keepers that they aren’t actually insane and that the Lovecraftian horrors they had witnessed really do exist. It’s the kind of experience you’d expect from an RPG but Cthulhu Tales presents it in the form of a card game, with a board, token and a 12-side custom die to make this kind of game more approachable with well-rounded mechanics.

Cthulhu Tales was sucessfully funded on Kickstarter late last week. Backers should expect their copies to arrive around July. If you missed it, rest easy: the project had perks for retailers that will get their copies before everybody else. So ask for it at your friendly local game store.


Talisman, the venerable board game from Fantasy Flight is getting another expansion. This one a bit different.

The Cataclysm will bring more creature, treasure, and artefact cards, five new characters and four alternate quest endings. Set decades after — you guessed it — a massive cataclysm that has completely altered the game board, the Fields are replaced by the Valley of Fire, where you can find the scattered ruins of its previous civilization. Only now the descendants of the people who fled are timidly starting to return. And the heroes with them. The most impacting element to me, besides the Remnants deck and its treasures from the past is that the Inner Region of Talisman is now a frozen spire!

Can’t wait to see what else is inside that box. MSRP is 50 bucks. Look for it March 2016.


The Surge promises Dark Souls game play with BioShock storytelling

Gamehouse Deck13 Interactive, of Lords of the Fallen fame, revealed more information of its upcoming “Souls-style” game. Talking to IGN, Deck13’s CEO and creative director Jan Klose explained that their game will take place in a sci-fi future, where the environment went to hell, civilization’s societal and economic structures have failed and collapsed, and the mega-corps typical of other dystopian games are broken, dead husks that keep on turning its gigantic industrial wheels without knowing why.

Klose has emphasized that the main character will be no hero, rather a man with few if any special abilities except for an exoskeleton that has altered his biology somehow. The “Souls-style” fighting system from Lords of the Fallen will be tweaked to match the industrial setting and, although it’s the future, there’ll be little focus on ranged combat, no military units, tactics or approaches to fights, and more on scavenging up whatever you find around you and even collecting body parts of fallen enemies.

You can read the full interview following the link in the shownotes. The game is expected in 2016. No platforms have been announced yet.


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