Gamerati News Update: 25 April 2016

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Premium tokens and metal coins by Stonemaier Games, Upper Deck confirms Legendary Encounters: Firefly, Betrayal at House on the Hill gets its first ever expansion, and Steam gears up to accept Bitcoin.

A treasure trove of game tokens and metal coins by Stonemaier Games

Currently on pre-order on the company’s website up to May 1st, the Token Trilogy & metal coins is a pack o tree unique boxes illustrated by Beth Sobe brimming with resource tokens designed by Jamey Stegmaier and sculpted by Scott Wadyko for every kind of game. Also, a reprint of the metal coins from Tuscany and Scythe.

Token quantities are calibrated to match the most popular games that use those tokens, and you can see them in a Google Doc at the pre-order site.

The Token Trilogy & metal coins will only be available through the pre-order campaign and delivery is expected around November.

Source: Stonemaier Games

The next Legendary core set is going to be Firefly

Originally announced at GenCon last year, Upper Deck has confirmed price and date for the standalone Firefly version of Legendary Deck-Building Game. As with the previous Legendary Encounters, you can expect a game mat, full-color rulebook, and 500 cards featuring main and fan favorite recurring characters. Also, Reavers and the Alliance.

Legendary Encounters: Firefly will be available in retail stores in July, MSRP $60.

Source: Purple Pawn

Betrayal at House on the Hill gets its first expansion

Widow’s Walk is the first ever official expansion since the game’s release in 2004. Designed by the original lead developer Mike Selinker and his team at Lone Shark Games, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, the new expansion includes 50 brand new haunts; 20 new room tiles, including first-time access to the roof; 30 new cards with items, events, and omens; and 78 new tokens, including a new set of possession tokens. The expansion is compatible with both the original 2004 and 2010 second edition.

Amongst the writers of the new haunts, you get celebrity fans of the game such as Angela Webber of The Doubleclicks, Max Temkin and Eli Halpern, co-creators of Cards Against Humanity, Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, Depression Quest designer Zoë Quinn, and many others.

Widow’s Walk is expected to be released October 14, no MRSP yet.

Source: Club Fantasci

Steam will accept Bitcoin for all purchases 

Working with an external payment provider, Valve will start accepting the crypto currency in all Steam purchases. If you want to buy games using Bitcoin, you just need to hit a button and the cost will be converted into Bitcoin using the current exchange rate. Neither Steam nor the games developers will get paid in Bitcoin. Rather, the same external payment provider will convert the Bitcoin sales back into traditional currency. It’s  a measure focused on expanding options to the end user.

Valve also stresses that there’s no action required on the part of developers, although there doesn’t seem to be a way to opt out for developers from having their games and software available in Bitcoin.

Source: PCGamesN

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