Gamerati News Update: 26 May 2016

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Cypher Play is Monte Cook Games’ organized play program, Corvus Belli announces boxed set for Initinity, Portal Games reveals Tides of Madness, and fan-made mod white-washes Stellaris.

Monte Cook Games is preparing an Organized Play Program for their in-house game systems

With focus on brick-and-mortar stores, Monte Cook Games is currently playtesting a “season 0” of its Organized Play Program called Cypher Play with a small number or retailers. After the playtest is done, season one proper will begin in September, focusing on Numenera, running bi-weekly episodes until December. Further seasons will tackle the company’s other RPGs: The Strange and the Cypher System in January and May 2017.

Cypher Play aims to stimulate the creation or tightening of a gaming community around brick-and-mortar stores offering incentives to players, GMs, and retailers alike. For example, you get to take home rewards for participating, such as adventure material to run your own games.

Retailer registration begins in August. There’s more information in the news link in the shownotes below.

Source: Monte Cook Games

Infinity gets Onyx Contact Force, a boxed set with a 300-point army pack

The miniature wargame Infinity that Spanish publisher Corvus Belli expanded and updated last month with the book Human Sphere N3 will get a boxed set called Onyx Contact Force, the first of a series of boxed sets further consolidating the new version of the game.

Onyx Contact Force serves as a starting point for both new and experienced players. It’ll come with 12 miniatures and a booklet with a legal army list so it’s ready to play — I mean, once the miniatures have been assembled.

Release if planned for June. MSRP €89.95 (which is about $100).

Source: Bell of Lost Souls

You’ll risk you sanity playing this 20-minute card game called Tides of Madness!

Polish publisher Portal Games has announced Tides of Madness, a 2-player drafting card game based on their 2015 hit Tides of Time.

In Tides of Madness, it’s not enough to try and draft the highest scoring set possible. You must also be aware of your Madness level during each round. Powerful scoring cards also come at a cost and if you draft too much Madness, you go insane and lose the game.

Tides of Madness is a stand-alone game that doesn’t require owning or having played Tides of Time. The box will include everything you need to play, including a pencil. Portal Games will publish the game at GenCon this year. MSRP $12.

Source: Portal Games

Ever felt you inner racist needed to do away with all those brown people in Stellaris? This bigoted mod if everything you dreamed of!

Paradox Interactive allows and stimulates players to create mods for the 4X PC game Stellaris, but some people go a little too far with such freedom. It’s the case of modder Lord Xel, who created the mod “European Phenotype and Names Only (White Humans)”, that Michael Jacksons all non-whites from the game. Paradox was bothered by the mod but let it be at first, then decided to pull the mod from Steam Workshop after it started attracting the expected racist slurs in the comments section, which they attributed to the “white humans” tag and title.

Now the modder has re-uploaded it to Steam Workshop, removing “white humans” from the title, daring Paradox to pull it out again in the description.

So yeah, if you’re bothered by the way Stellaris depicts humanity in space, and by that I mean diverse just as the world really is, that mod is just the thing for you.

Source: PCGamesN

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