Gamerati News Update: 28 April 2016

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Mantic releases Deadzone 2nd Edition, Level 99 unveils final Duelist Library game, Pinnacle kickstarts Savage RIFTS, and the mysterious Nintendo NX gets a release date.

The upcoming edition of Deadzone promises to be streamlined and easier to learn

Mantic Games has revealed details of the 2nd rules edition for Deadzone, its sci-fi skirmish miniatures wargame. Deadzone mainly focus on urban combat, in which two players take command of a crack team of upgradable elite troopers from one of seven factions fighting for the scarce resources of the isolated city they’re fighting in.

Come May, we’ll be able to find in stores both the new rulebook and a new starter set. If you already own a sizable army, you might just want the new 112-page hardcover that comes with the setting, complete rules, and a description of the seven factions. MSRP $40 (although you might also want to grab a set of the new dice that the game now requires). If you’re new to the game, you should consider the Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set that comes the rules, a battlefield mat and scenery, dice, game tokens, and 20 unpainted and unassembled hard plastic miniatures.

Ever since I started GNU, I’m seeing a tendency in wargaming to make rules more accessible and less complicated. I think there’s room for complicated wargames, but the idea behind Deadzone has always been combining the frantic action of a miniature wargame with the simplicity and elegance of a board game. If a streamlined rules set furthers that goal, I think it deserves praise.

Source: ICv2

Level 99 unveils the final game in the Duelist Library

Sellswords Olympus is a standalone sequel to the hit tile placement game, which can be played alone or mixed in with the original Sellswords from 2014.

Sellswords Olympus is a fast-paced strategy game of area control, tile placement, and card drafting. You deploy selected soldiers amongst 50 different heroes, gods, myths, and monsters to try and capture enemy units and control the battlefield. It takes only minutes to learn but every match is unique.

Starting next week, Level 99 will share some of the cards and rulebooks of the games in the Duelist Library, that’s coming to Kickstarter pretty soon.

Source: Level 99 Games

Do you remember the RPG Rifts? Well it’s coming to Savage Worlds

First announced exactly a year ago, we’re now getting information of what Savage Rifts will include in the recently launched Kickstarter.

Originally published by Palladium in 1990, Rifts is a multi-genre role-playing game that mixes elements of magic, horror, supernatural, and science fiction in what they call a “megaverse”: the game spans countless dimensions, making anything and everything possible.

Savage Rifts will initially include a core rulebook, a Game Master’s handbook, a sourcebook focused on enemies and enemy organizations, and a 32-page adventure module that also comes with a GM screen, but many unlocked stretch goals promise more sourcebooks and adventure scenarios. Kickstarter add-ons include dice, bennies, poster maps, limited edition hardcovers, and even t-shirts.

I find the multi-genre Savage Worlds a perfect match for the multi-genre Rifts and the best way of an entire new generation of gamers to meet a classic RPG.

Source: Pinnacle

Nintendo NX gets a release date, but don’t expect to see it at E3 this year

The next console coming from Nintendo, codename NX, has March 2017 as release date. The report from Nintendo headquarters states that they won’t be showcasing the new console at E3. Rather, they’ll independently reveal more details later this year.

And details is everything we don’t have regarding the NX. Really, nobody knows anything of this console, except what Nintendo president and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said last December: that the console isn’t the next Wii or Wii U, but an entirely new thing.

Source: IGN

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