Gamerati News Update: 29 February 2016

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Fallout 4 sells more digitally, Call of Cthulhu organized play, ABCs of RPGs for the kids, and Dragon Punch tin boxes have to go!

Did you know that Chaosium has an Organized Play Campaign for Call of Cthulhu? It doesn’t. Well, it does now!

It’s called A Time to Harvest and it was penned by Brian Sammons, Charles Zaglanis, Glynn Owen Barrass, and Mike Mason. It takes place in 1930’s Arkham, Massachussets. Up to six players take the roles of students in the infamous Miskatonic University who stumble upon an otherworldly conspiracy that, if not stopped, will end civilization as we know it.

The campaign will last for six months and is free for all Keepers enrolled in The Cult of Chaos, Chaosium’s Organized Play Program, a free membership program. The inicial materials for Keepers will be sent in March. The campaign itself starts April 16th.

I was thinking of playtesting Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and now I don’t even have an excuse anymore. It’s a whole campaign by established Call of Cthulhu designers. What better way to get back to role-play gaming. I can think of none.

Link: Chaosium

Ever wanted to share the joy of RPGs with your kids? That’s what ABCs of RPGs is for!

Hunters Books is kickstarting something there just doesn’t exist in the kids section of bookstores: activities and reading books focused on fantasy role-playing games. The ABCs of RPGs is actually two books: the Children’s Book is a 28-page full color hardback that goes from Adventure to Zeal. The Activity Book has 40 black-and-white pages full of activities such as coloring, mazes, paper dolls, and face masks.

Both books were designed by Ivan Van Norman and illustrated by Caleb Cleveland. The KS still has 21 days to go and they’re already closing in at 250%. Check it out. There’s a diverse number of pledge levels. Even one for libraries.

Link: Kickstarter

Now listen up. There’s a small number of special editions of Dragon Punch left, and Level 99 Games want you to have them.

You can still buy the commemorative Kickstarter Edition of Dragon Punch from Level 99 Games at a discount until the end of the week. Dragon Punch is a 10-minute, 2-player card game that, from the name, you might’ve guessed it was inspired by 2D fighting video games such as Street Fighter. You use cards to carefully time and position your attacks and defenses so that your adversary’s hit points go away faster than yours. It’s a witty little game that comes in a tin box so you can carry it around.

The game is $25 at the Level 99 Store and I said they’ll take the offer down by the end of the week, but I wouldn’t wait. There aren’t many copies left.

Link: Level99store

The video game Fallout 4 sold more day one digital than actual disks, according to Bethesda.

Todd Howard, Fallout 4 director, reveled in an interview to the magazine Game Informer that the game sold better digitally than in physical form. He didn’t give any hard numbers, but he said he was amazed by the fact that there were more digital purchases on day one than through retail. Fallout 4 was released on November 12, 2015 to reach record sales for Bethesda, the game’s publisher.

I think we all kind of knew that digital sales are now instrumental for the success of a game. The town that I live in Brazil isn’t very big so it’s not only convenient to buy digitally, most of the time it’s the only way I can get a game. But actually hearing that from somebody inside the gaming industry put things in perspective.

Link: GameSpot

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