Gamerati News Update: 30 Dec 2015

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Asmodee is consolidating it’s operations in North America.

In November 2014, Asmodee merged with Fantasy Flight Games, gaining strong licenses such as Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The announcement came just three months after the French publisher’s acquisition of Days of Wonder, makers of such best-sellers as Ticket to Ride and Small World. The consolidation left some wondering what would come next. Well, the wondering is over. Asmodee has announced that business operations for all three companies will be moved to the Fantasy Flight headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota and Fantasy Flight CEO Christian Petersen will become CEO of Asmodee North America.

One of the biggest changes as a result of this consolidation? Days of Wonder’s products will no longer be Alliance exclusives, meaning retailers will now also be able to order them from ACD, GTS, PHD, and Southern Hobby. Alas, this also means that Fantasy Flight products will no longer be available from other distributors, such as Aladdin or Golden.

Link: Purple Pawn

Monte Cook’s Numenera might get a card game. It all depends on you!

A running Kickstarter by Lone Shark Games is seeking funding to produce The Ninth World. Described as “A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera” this card game is… oh who am I kidding? The Kickstarter already went over 100%. Anyhoo, this competitive card game for up to five players (with a possible co-op mode) was designed by Paul Peterson and Mike Selinker (who collaborated on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game) along with Boyan Radakovich and with graphic design by Shane Tyree, who worked on Numenera the RPG. The game setting is the realm of The Steadfast from Numenera. Each player sends characters to town or to the wilderness of one of the nine Kindgoms in search of oddities and powerful artifacts or to do battle with the weird monsters of The Steadfast.

A print-to-play demo version of the game is available on the Kickstarter page if you want to check it out. Delivery is expected in October, 2016.

Link: Kickstarter

More Earthdawn is coming!

Vagrant Workshop has announced that the first stage of licensing approval was completed for The Age of Legend, for the Earthdawn RPG. They’re promising relatively light mechanics compared to previous Earthdawn releases, which used variations of the “Step System”, in order to be more attractive to gamers who never played the game before, at the same time being attractive to old-time fans of the setting. Some of the writers and designers now working at Vagrant Workshop were part of the team who developed the Classic and the 3rd editions of Earthdawn for RedBrick Limited in the 2000’s. The Earthdawn license is currently held by FASA Games, the spiritual successor of the original company, FASA Corporation. Earthdawn used to be the same world of Shadowrun millennia in the past but that connection ceased to be once the latter was licensed out from under FASA’s wings in 1999. The most recent iteration of Earthdawn was publicly funded by FASA Games in August of 2014.

Vagrant Workshop’s take on this classic fantasy role-playing game is being laid out and they expect to start selling them at DriveThruRPG dot com in early 2016.

Link: Vagrant Workshop

Tiffin and Coal Country – two brand-new board games from Rio Grande, designed by industry newcomers

Tiffin, the name of the packed lunch delivered in racks in Mumbai, carries the names of Jonathan Hager and Rael Dornfest, two iOS game designers. It promises to be a fast-paced, resource-delivery card game to be played by two, three, or four people with matches ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, emulating the frenetic tiffin delivery in India. Coal Country, designed by Kane M. Click, is for two to four players interested in cut-throat mechanics. You play as owners of mining companies trying to influence the coal market by any. Means. Necessary.

A sure hit in West Virginia. MSRP and release date for both games: to be announced.

Link: ICv2

Level 7 [Omega Protocol] with Extreme Prejudice!

Hitting shelves next March, Extreme Prejudice is the new expansion to the action-packed Level 7 [Omega Protocol] by Privateer Press. Dr. Cronos, the alien scientist and villain of the base game has escaped to Russia and now the commandos must fight through more alien mutations and Spetznaz to finish their mission, But they’ll be aided by an unexpected ally. The box comes with five new scenarios plus three new enemies, and two new commandos. Kind of the flip side to 2007’s “flee or you die” Level 7 [Escape], Omega Protocol is the third game in the a sci-fi dungeon crawler Level 7 universe in which one player commands the monsters and traps as one to five other players fight them and try to win.

Extreme Prejudice requires a base game to be played — in this case, Omega Protocol. MSRP is 46 American Dollars.

Link: Privateer Press

Are you ready for the next chilling expansion to Elder Sign?

Fantasy Flight is preparing Omens of Ice, the third expansion to the Lovecraftian dice game Elder Sign and the second one to allow 1 to 8 investigators to venture beyond the museum. In Omens of Ice the players again cooperate to rid the world of new unnamable horrors. They can also chose to go on an expedition to distant Alaska that can be tweaked to be harder or not so much, a welcome addition to Elder Sign in my opinion, because I personally think the game is a little too easy. This little box will come with 60 Alaskan Adventure cards, three new Ancient Ones, eight new Investigators…

…plus new Allies, Spells, Common and Unique Items. MSRP is $24.95. Expect it around next March.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

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