Gamerati News Update: 31 March 2016

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Upper Deck expands Marvel Legendary into Civil War, Reaper announces CAV: Strike Operations, Indie Press Revolution gets Onyx Path Deluxe editions, and donate to charity for Tomb Raider.

Marvel Legendary Civil War: Which side are you on?

Upper Deck has announced that the fourth big box expansion to the deck-building card game Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game is going to be themed after Civil War, the universe-shattering Marvel event from 2006.

Beyond the 350 cards introducing new Heroes, Villain groups, Masterminds, and Schemes, this expansion will introduce a mechanic called Divided, a new way to play by teaming up with a partner and taking sides against the opposition of the fight for or against the Super-Hero Registration Act.

Upper Deck has released previous big box Marvel Legendary expansions using more recent Marvel events, such as Fear Itself and Secret Wars, but I think Civil War is fitting not only because it’s the tenth anniversary of the storyline or because there’s an upcoming Captain America movie called Civil War, but because it’s arguably the event that shaped the Marvel Universe we have today.

Source: ICv2

The latest Combat Assault Vehicle line is getting a retail version in thirty days!

Also called CAV, this is a mecha wargame by Reaper Miniatures that allows for both complex and simplified play, depending on your level of expertise with miniature games.

Hitting shelves on May 1st, CAV: Strike Operations was a very successful 2014 Kickstarter by Reaper Miniatures (it was a Reaper Miniatures KS so of course it was) in partnership with Talon Games to bring the level of detail of The Bones series of fantasy plastic miniatures to the Combat Assault Vehicle models.

As with The Bones, each miniature will come unpainted in its original grey plastic look, ranging from $4 to $7 a piece. Reaper Miniatures will also be offering a Battlefield Supply Pack to retailers that will include 82 miniatures and six copies of the core rulebook for the Reaper Adventure Game Engine (R.A.G.E.) and a Learn-To-Play Boxed Set featuring painted miniatures will also be released sometime later this year.

Source: ICv2

Onyx Path deluxe books now available through Indie Press Revolution

Onyx Path Publishing are known for their commitment to both the legacy of White Wolf and the continuation of the Storytelling games with tons of finely crafted rulebooks and sourcebooks. And also for their very limited runs of very high-quality special editions.

Available now for purchase through Indie Press Revolution, you can purchase Prestige Editions of Demon: The Descent and Mummy: The Curse and Deluxe Editions of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary books Anarchs Unbound, Children of the Revolution, and The Hunters Hunted II and for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary the core rulebook, Book of the Wyrm, and Changing Breeds — and also Storyteller’s Screens for all of those games

If you missed any of those special editions when the Kickstarters were going on, I wouldn’t wait around because these print runs are also limited.

Source: The Onyx Path

Get Tomb Raider for PC by donating $1 to charity

Square Enix is giving you the 2013 Tomb Raider if you donate as low as $1 to GameChanger, a charity founded in 2007 that aims to “positively impact the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses” by hosting events, providing video games to hospitals, and donating money to cancer research.

If you donate $1, you get a digital copy of the game for PC, but you can also donate $20 for the change to win a Collector’s Edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider, an Xbox One, five Xbox One games, games accessories, and more — or you can donate $50 for all of that for a GameChanger Gratitude Package full of swag.

The $1 donation in exchange for a game code should have gone up to April 5th, but the amount of donations was so overwhelming that they exhausted all codes two days ago. GameChanger is currently talking to Square Enix to get more codes. Nevertheless, all the swag and chances to win prizes of all donation levels still stand.

Source: PCGamesN

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