Gamerati News Update: Pathfinder—and goats—in space!

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Awesome news from Paizo (it’s Starfinder, guys!), good news for spellcasters using Hero Lab, a mash of Film Noir and supernatural for FATE, and a DLC for Goat Simulator. Yep. Let’s get to it!

Take Pathfinder to the stars with Starfinder Roleplaying Game

GenCon 2017 will see the [aham] launch of Starfinder Roleplaying Game, the new science fantasy RPG by Paizo based on the Pathfinder universe and rules, but complete and standalone. It’ll be backward compatible, so you can still use all those Pathfinder RPG bestiaries, but of course it will have all sorts of new classes, races, equipment, and other elements uniquely suited to this far-future setting.

The game will have its own monthly Adventure Paths exploring and expanding the solar system in which Golarion (Pathfinder’s world) used to exist — because it is set in a future when the gods of Pathfinder have spirited away the world and the cultures of the planet have evolved and spread throughout space.

Source: Paizo

Speaking of Pathfinder, Lone Wolf has some updates for your spellcaster

Lone Wolf Development has updated Hero Lab, their award-winning character management software for RPGs, with four new Pathfinder books, plus some additional changes to spellbooks for new characters. Now, when you create a spellcaster, the app will prompt you to add a spellbook, which holds the spells you gain as you level up, as well as any new ones you learn along the way.

Hero Lab will track the number of pages used by a spellbook, and will warn you if you try to exceed it. Not only that, it’ll automatically calculate the cost of new spells scribed into the book so no more sitting down with a calculator to figure out how much to pay the town’s wizard for that copy of Fireball — Hero Lab does it for you!

If you have a pre-existing spellcaster that uses a spellbook in Hero Lab, they’ll keep working just fine, but you can transition to the new way of managing your spells via the Options button on the Spellbook form. It’s gonna require a little bit of fiddling, but I assure you, it’s worth it.

Source: Lone Wolf

Travel the dangerous, poorly lit streets of Nitrate City by Evil Hat Productions

Evil Hat has released their latest Fate World of Adventure. It’s called Nitrate City and it was designed by Doselle Young and Bill White! This is a place where elements of Film Noir and classic movie monsters combine with explosive results. It’s populated by slick vampire private dicks, clever werewolf gamblers, cigarette smoking mummy fatales and deadly hit men from beneath the darkest waters. You might fight crime as a member of ‘The Night Squad,’ a unique off-the-books crime-fighting task force, or perhaps you work best on your own. Regardless of your allegiance, your work will be opposed at every move by The Consortium, led by notorious criminal Victor Stitch, aka Frankenstein’s Mobster.

The book is available through DriveThruRPG in a pay-what-you-want system or you can get a copy automatically by subscribing to the company Patreon at

Source: Evil Hat

I started the show today talking about Starfinder. You know who else is going to space?

Waste of Space is the name of the latest expansion to Goat Simulator, the ahn… goat simulator game developed by Gone North Games and published Coffee by Stain Studios. The DLC lampoons every space adventure you could think of from Star Trek to Guardians of the Galaxy to Mass Effect. Waste of Space requires the base game and introduces the biggest map to the game so far so you’ll have even more [aham] space for your caprine antics.

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is already available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and Android and Apple phones for $5.

Source: GameSpot

Last but not least (yes I got it right this time), I’d like you to know of the 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Game Swap. It’s gonna happen at the Foulon Residence in Puyallup, WA on June 26. Starting at 10 AM, you can sell, buy or trade games with your fellow gamers. There is no fee or application required to attend, whether you bring games or not. There’s more information at the BGG link in the shownotes. If you’re gonna be in the area on June 26 (it’s a Sunday), take a look.

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