Gamerati’s Monthly Game Report (Apr. 2017)

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Gamerati runs a gaming group in the Tacoma Washington area (, seeing people commute from as far south as Olympia and as far north as Bremerton. We continue to collect all the statistics and you can view some of them below:


The way the board game stats appear in the program only ever show the last game played at the top of the screen. At our events, we almost ALWAYS end the night on a social deduction game, like Two rooms and a boom, or Secret Hitler. (by the way, we’ve recently hit 80 plays of SH).

Lately, Berto has been coming to game night with his SO, Elise. They’re constantly bringing new and interesting games and we’ve been getting more into the long-form games probably thanks to them. He regularly brings Captain Sonar, Roll Player, Santorini, and many many others. This past month has been better than ever, we continue to grow! Come and join us if you want to make some new friends and play some great games :)

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