Gamerati’s Monthly Game Report (Dec. 2016)

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Gamerati runs a gaming group in the Tacoma Washington area (, seeing people commute from as far south as Olympia and as far north as Bremerton. We continue to collect all the statistics and you can view them below:


Clearly, we play Secret Hitler a lot, and Codenames, but that’s largely due to the ease and speed of that game. We may only play a game like Betrayal at House on the Hill once per night but Secret Hitler and codenames can see 4 or 5 plays per night and we log them all. One game we saw a lot of play just in the two days leading to the end of the month was Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. You can watch the video for my brief description, but it’s been a super fun game to try out on a larger group. Following our clubs love of social deduction games, you’ll also see Jack the Ripper and were it not for alphabetical order: Two Rooms and a Boom. Both games have seen multiple plays mainly so that our particular group can develop its own meta.

Story based games or games with high theming, are usually quite popular with our group. Many of our players like to feel like they’re a part of something and affecting the game in a meaningful way that games like Five Tribes, or 7 Wonders don’t spell out for you until the end of the game. Our other favorite game that tells a story was Dead of Winter (also a traitor mechanic). But since it only got played twice, it didn’t make the list.

What do you think? What other games that tell a story should we check out? Join the conversation on Reddit by clicking the link at the top and let us know.

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