Gamerati’s Monthly Game Report (Jan. 2017)

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Gamerati runs a gaming group in the Tacoma Washington area (, seeing people commute from as far south as Olympia and as far north as Bremerton. We continue to collect all the statistics and you can view some of them below:

Photo Feb 01, 10 00 43 AM

As you can see Secret Hitler still tops our charts and we recently played out 50th game! We’ve also gotten into another social deduction game called “Two Rooms and a Boom” where you MUST have at least 10 people playing in order to really get it running. In 2R1B, you must make two teams randomly and then shuffle the players between two rooms over the course of the game. At the end of the game, the Blue team and the Red team will reveal their identities, and the blue team’s president must not be in the same room as the red teams bomber or they will lose and red will win. During the game, players may share info with each other like their team color or full role, but that can be dangerous if you’re the president or bomber.

For the video, Freddie mentions that his new favorite game is 7 wonders and as you can see we’ve actually played it 8 times in one month, and I’m pretty sure he’s bee a part of each one. He’s gotten really good at it too :). Recently we’ve had MANY more euro or long-form games show up and get played. This leads to fewer games overall being played but more diversity that I really like to see. Sure there’s still the CAH of the night and a hand full of codenames games,  but the majority of the night is spent on one or two 2-hour games.

What do you prefer? Quick and easy? Complicated and rich? Join us on any Social Media or Reddit and let us know your opinion.

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