Gamerati’s Monthly Game Report (Nov. 2016)

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Gamerati runs a gaming group in the Tacoma Washington area, seeing people commute from as far south as Olympia and as far north as Bremerton. For the last two months we’ve been collecting data on the games we’re playing and the players who enjoy them.

monthly-reportThe stats from November 2016 are here in this app. The app name is “Board Game Stats” and can be found on the iOS App Store for $3.99.

With this data, we are able to see what games we play the most and shape our Monday, and Wednesday events better. This month we saw a large amount of Secret Hitler plays (about 15) and so we decided to make our video about Social Deduction games. Our top three were Sheriff of Nottingham, Hanabi, and Secret Hitler.

The most notable surprise in this list is Hanabi. Most people wouldn’t call it a social deduction game because you’re not lying to one another, but instead, you’re trying to provide MORE info with limited hints. I would argue that it’s just as much about reading your allies as any other social game is about reading your opponents.

One interesting bit about this app is that we’re able to track win percentage for individuals across ALL of their games. At first, people became actually concerned with it, and they really wanted to get that number up. They opted to augment their gameplay with faster and easier to win games. Hanabi, for example, is counted as a win no matter your score and plays in about 20 minutes with an experienced group. After people started getting into the 50+ games recorded, we quickly saw that behavior level off and get more interested in individual plays. What’s the highest score you’ve ever scored in Sheriff? how about Valeria: Card Kingdoms? We’re also able to see games played by individual players – It might interest our group to know that Johnny has only been Hitler 3 times out of 7 plays. So maybe we should lay off poor Johnny and not assassinate him whenever we get the chance.

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