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Hello! It’s Monday, 14 of October. Welcome to the Gamerati News Update, your bi-weekly news source about games and gaming. Today, from Orlando, FL.

Barnes & Noble will host Tabletop Gaming Meet Up

Last April Barnes & Noble hosted their first Tabletop Gaming Meet Up and it’s happening again this Saturday on all Barnes & Noble stores throughout the United States. You can meet gamers from your area, socialize and compete for promo cards over games of Red Flags, Onitama, Warehouse 51, World’s Fair 1893, Boss Monster, and Kitty Paw. It starts at 7 PM, Saturday 15th of October, and all 640 stores are participating.

There’s a Barnes & Noble not far from here so I think I’m under moral obligation to go there and check it out myself.

Steamforged Games is going to release a Guild Ball Starter Set

Guild Ball is a miniature game designed by Mat Hart and Richard Loxam, with art by Doug Telford. Steamforged describes it as a tabletop medieval football wargame. It’s a combination of tactics and strategy in the field plus secret political objectives and agendas. The game is very easy to learn but the Guild Ball universe is vast.

So if you’re curious about the game but never knew where to start, the company is about to release a 2-player Starter Set called Guild Ball Kick Off! It has everything you need to start playing. It comes with a 3’ by 3′ double-Sided board, 12 plastic figurines, 128 tokens, Guild Ball Dice, Player Character Cards, Measuring Tools and Templates, the Kick Off! Rulebook, the Guild Ball Core Rulebook, and the Captain’s Handbook.

The two teams that come in the box are the Brewers and the Masons, so it’s worth the look even if you’re already a player. Guild Ball Kick Off! hits stores on 25 November. MSRP is $70.

Czech Games Edition announces games ahead of Essen Spiel 2016

Essen is the Comic-Con of board games, happening in Germany this weekend. CGE will be there showcasing Adrenaline, Alchemists: The King’s Golem, and Codenames: Pictures. Codenames: Pictures is a reimagining of the base came with multiple-meaning images that gives you a different way to play the associative team game.

Alchemists: The King’s Golem is an expansion to Alchemists which brings you a new logic puzzle with new rewards and consequences. It The King’s Golem actually contains four expansions, each with increasing level of complexity: Startup Funding, The Busy Days, The Royal Encyclopedia, and The Golem Project.

Now, Adrenaline is duesy. It recreates First Person Shooters on the board. You grab guns, find ammunition and chase the other players. But each gun/ammo combination is good for somethings and not so for others. You have to think ahead and prepare yourself. Also, the more damage you take, the faster — and more dangerous — you get (it’s the adrenaline kicking in, y’know?). If you die, you respawn, so there’s no player elimination.

Watch out for Adrenaline when it eventually gets your FLGS in November. MSRP will be $69.95.

Titanfall 2 new trailer showcases single-player campaign

Titled “Single Player Gameplay Vision” and released last Tuesday by Respawn Entertainment, it puts all the emphasis — you guessed it — on their vision for the single player content to come in Titanfall 2. In it, you get a first look at how Jack and BT must combine their abilities and risk everything to survive together, and sometimes, apart. Whether fighting as a Pilot or as a Titan, Titanfall 2 promises an action-packed adventure.

According to the trailer, the single player experience will “[…] also have low-key moments where you’re just progressing through the environment and exploring.” Which seems to mean the game will have a variety of pace, from the bombastic theatre of war that you got in the first game, to more measured moments where you explore that world.

Titanfall 2 releases 28 October. You can watch the full trailer and judge it by yourself clicking in the link right below in the description.

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