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Hello! Marcelo here. It’s the 14th of January, 2017. Let’s review the top 5 game news of the week here on Gamerati News Update.


Green Ronin to publish new material for Pathfinder and D&D in 2017

The company announced they’re preparing the Freeport Bestiary for Pathfinder, the first monster book for The City of Adventure since Creatures of Freeport in 2004. The Freeport Bestiary brings together the setting’s many monsters and a bunch of new ones in a full-color hardcover. Meanwhile, the Return to Freeport adventure series continues with three new PDFs to join the three released so far. After those, all six PDFs will be collected in a print book in June.

For Dungeons & Dragons, Green Ronin is planning Book of the Righteous, a remastering of the d20 era best seller bringing a fully detailed mythology and pantheon to the 5th edition of D&D. The book was on Kickstarter last year and will probably be available in May, right after all pledge levels are fulfilled.

Still about Green Ronin, there will be more books for the in-house Fantasy AGE system and a community content program

Titansgrave: The World of Valkana is a full campaign setting book set to expand Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana, the sci-fi/fantasy setting that you probably know from Geek & Sundry celebrity role-players series. A lot of stuff that was only hinted at in the show will be fleshed out in Titansgrave: The World of Valkana coming this spring.

Regarding community-created content, Green Ronin is hammering out the details with OneBookShelf, the parent company of RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. The program is said to be similar to D&D’s Dungeon Masters Guild and Monte Cook’s Cypher System Creator, but will initially be restricted to settings and adventures.

I’ll keep you posted when there’s more information about it.

What to do when your $20 Magic: The Gathering card gets banned? Trade it for a copy of Epic Card Game, of course!

White Wizard Games is taking copies of two recently banned Magic: The Gathering cards. If you send them your Emrakul The Promised End or Smuggler’s Copter, they’ll send you back an Epic Card Game starter set. And, as an added bonus, if you back the Kickstarter for Epic Card Game Digital later this month, they’ll also give you free entry to a Qualifier for the $100,000 Epic World Championship in the app!

Epic is a card game designed by to M:tG Hall of Famers who wished for a battle card game that didn’t require you to keep spending more and more money to keep yourself competitive. The result is a starter set with 120 unique cards, enough for four pre-constructed decks to battle. For those who like drafting, this is also enough for two to four players to draft and play.

The Playstation 4 slim is now available in white, to match your white Xbox One S

The official name of the color variant is “glacier white”. It’s as a 500GB model with matching Dualshock 4 controller out on the 24th of January in Europe and on the 23rd of February in Japan, where consumers can also get it in a 1TB variant.

There is yet no word on when the glacier white PS4 slim will be released in the American continent or it’s specifications. There is a white-colored version of the regular PS4, but it’s kinda glossy? This glacier white looks… well, frosted and, in my opinion, is way, way cooler.

Our role-playing game days on Google Hangouts might be coming to an end

About a year ago, Google announced it was decoupling Hangouts from Google+ to turn it into a cross-platform chat app for enterprise customers. Now, a quiet update on the Google Hangouts FAQ states that, in order to streamline their efforts in that direction, they’re retiring the Google+ Hangouts API late April.

That will affect a lot of apps that rely on the platform, including apps gamers use to play RPGs online, such as Roll20. Locked out of the API, those apps will be dead in months. So I suggest wrapping up your campaigns before the end of April and looking for another place to play your online RPGs.

Of course you don’t need Roll20 and similar apps or even Hangouts to play RPGs with your online pals. It’s just that it was such a convenient, free tool. It’s not the end of the world, though. As Dr. Ian Malcolm put it, “life, uh… finds a way.”

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