Join the Xenohistorians, see the galaxy! (Gamerati News Update)

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Hello! It’s Thursday, 17 November. Welcome to the Gamerati News Update. I’m Marcelo and I bring you four news from tabletop games and gaming.

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Modiphius is looking for playtesters for Kung Fu Panda – The Board Game

The board game based on Dreamworks animated trilogy has reached its final stages of development, and the publisher Modiphius Entertainment is looking for people wishing to step in. They’ll ship some components and e-mail a print-and-play kit. Throughout the next months of development, you’ll get updated versions of the rules as playtest feedback comes in and is added to the game.

In case you wish to help them create their next fantastic product, just follow this link.

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Prospero is burning. Whaddaya gonna do about it?

Like last year, with Betrayal at Calth, Games Workshop is releasing a box set of a Horus Heresy epic battle. The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero is a game of running battles set in a city torn apart by a fiery cataclysm, featuring six scenarios designed to stretch the strategic nous of two players. One player controls the Space Marines of the Thousand Sons, reality-twisting psychic superhumans, and the other controls the Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence, and Custodian Guard. It’s a fast-paced game full of strategic decisions, with the strengths and weaknesses of both sides meaning tactics and foresight are just as important as lucky dice rolls.

The box comes with 47 miniatures with alternative weapon and armor pieces for assembly, 51 cards, a 16-page book covering the story behind Burning of Prospero, a 32-page rulebook, 5 double-sided board tiles representing the buildings of Prospero, 24 dice, and a transfer sheet.

The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero has an MSRP $150, or $155 with the November issue of White Dwarf, which showcases the box set. A painting guide is also available for $10, print or digital copy and, if you really feel like it, you can get a Burning of Prospero/Betrayal at Calth bundle for $300.

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Explore ruins in the far reaches of the galaxy in Ghost Planets

Evil Hat Productions latest Fate World of Adventure is called Ghost Planets. Think Forbidden Planet meets Star Trek. In this scenario by Don Bisdorf, it’s the 23rd century, and humanity has found signs of intelligent life in the galaxy in the form of deserted planets full of alien structures. You and your friends are part of the Xenohistory Corps and are tasked with investigating these ghost planets, their hostile environments, decipher ancient clues, and unveil wondrous and dangerous technologies. If you fail, Earth may become the next ghost planet.

Ghost Planets was designed with the Fate Core system in mind, but it’s very easy to use it with your favorite RPG. You can get a copy of Ghost Planets through Evil Hat’s Patreon or through DriveThruRPG on a “pay what you want” basis. Just follow this link.

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Lone Wolf Development is having a Hero Lab sale

If you’ve always been meaning to get a copy of Hero Labs or already have the app and wanted to buy that monster pack or break into a new rules system, Lone Wolf’s got you covered. They’re offering deals with 20, 30, or 50% discount on Pathfinder elements by Paizo, Frog God Games, Green Ronin, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and Rite Publishing, and also bundles for Savage Worlds and Mutants & Masterminds, both for newcomers and current users of Hero Lab.

The discounts last until 5 December. The address is pretty straight forward, I’ve put the link in the description below.

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