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Hello, guys, Marcelo here. It’s the 28th of January, 2017. Let’s review the top 5 game news of the week here on Gamerati News Update.


Toy Vault is making The Princess Bride RPG. As you wish.

I usually say that if you’re a 70’s kid you quote Monty Python and if you’re an 80’s kid you quote The Princess Bride, the 1987 fantasy comedy directed by Rob Reiner. Soon you’ll be able to use all those quotes on an RPG with your friends.

The game is being designed as we speak by Steffan O’Sullivan that has under his belt a lot of GURPS books, such as GURPS Swashbucklers, GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, GURPS Fantasy Bestiary and the Fudge RPG system.

So, obviously, The Princess Bride RPG will be using Fudge as engine, but that’s pretty much all we know so far about the game. It’s set for release some time this year. This is the third game using The Princess Bride license by Toy Vault and the first RPG.

Fantasy Grounds brings Lair Assault to D&D 5th Editon

Lair Assault was a series of very hard encounters for the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons that Wizards Play Network put out between September 2011 and April 2013 aimed at statistically-minded players and pitted them against a super-challenge where the difference between victory and defeat depended upon game knowledge, ability to adapt, and a little bit of luck.

Fantasy Grounds have secured the rights to translate Lair Assault into D&D 5th Edition and the first one, Forge of the Dawn Titan, is already out. In this adventure, the heroes assault a temple complex dedicated to the fire primordial Maegera. It’s one large battlemap with a unique surprise halfway through the module and pre-placed encounters for levels 4, 5, and 6.

To run a D&D Lair Assault , you need a Fantasy grounds license or an active license subscription with the built-in 5E ruleset. Forge of the Dawn Titan can be purchased at fantasygrounds.com or on Steam for $9.99.

The Lost Citadel will become an RPG at the hands of Green Ronin

The Lost Citadel is a shared world that harnesses the talents of writers, artists, musicians, and more, in a bid to explore the themes and aesthetics of horror fantasy. Created in 2012 by C.A. Suleiman, Ari Marmell, and Jaym Gates, the project launched online and came to Kickstarter soon after, successfully funding the creation of an anthology of short fiction called Tales of the Lost Citadel, which featured the talents of a cast of veteran dark fantasy authors.

This week, Green Ronin Publishing revealed a licensing agreement to translate the world of The Lost Citadel into a tabletop role-playing game, drawing players into the setting of Zileksa, a land ravaged by death and undeath, where all that’s left of civilization has gathered behind the walls of the last remaining city of the living. The Lost Citadel RPG will be powered D&D 5th Edition OGL, but Green Ronin doesn’t rule out adapting the setting to other systems.

The first book, Lost Citadel Roleplaying, is set for release in Winter 2018 and has one of The Lost Citadel creators, C.A. Suleiman, as part of the development team.

WizKids wants you to reproduce the most epic comic book battle of all time

In 1978, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali fought — and beat — Superman on an intergalactic television broadcast in the 72-page special issue one-shot Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

In 2017, HeroClix fans will be able to reproduce such fight with DC Comics HeroClix: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Convention Exclusive Set, a box with two exclusive figurines — one of Ali and the other of Sups with boxing gloves — and a 5×5 grid boxing ring.

You’ll will be able to purchase this commemorative set at the 2017 WizKids U.S. National and World Championships, to happen in June at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. No MSRP yet.

Agents of Yesterday is coming to Star Trek Online in consoles

Players of Star Trek Online on Xbox One and Playstation 4 will soon have access to Agents of Yesterday, the third official expansion for the freemium MMORPG Star Trek Online. Agents of Yesterday recruits Star Trek Online players to become temporal agents and save the future by protecting the past. You’ll be able to create a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series and fly a starship of the era, including the classic Constitution-class Enterprise. The console update will also feature a new specialization tree, new special task force missions and content from the Artifacts update, including new weapons and bridge officers.

Agents of Yesterday will be available on the 14th of February. Meanwhile, players of the PC version of Star Trek Online have just been granted access to the season 12 storyline, Reckoning, which pits the galaxy against the powerful Tzenkethi, a highly-intelligent, militant warp-capable species that might’ve just weaponized protomatter.

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