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Petersen Games sues PayPal, Game Mode for Windows 10, iOS sticker packs by Fantasy Flight Games, Heart of the Fury — a massive campaign for Bulldogs! RPG, and Pathfinder RPG officially on D20PRO and Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletops!


Petersen Games is suing PayPal

Petersen Games, known for games such as Cthulhu Wars, Glorantha: The Gods War, and Orcs Must Die: The Board Game is seeking legal action against PayPal for withheld money from a Kickstarter drive.

The game in question is the first Cthulhu Wars, funded through Kickstarter in 2013, back when the platform was using PayPal as its payment method — nowadays it uses Amazon Payments. According to legal documents, PayPal gives no explanation as to why it refuses to release approximately 57 thousand dollars payed by pledgers to Petersen Games, even after Petersen Games has presented proof of delivery.

You might think that 57K isn’t a lot out of a game such as Cthulhu Wars, which raised $1,400,000 dollars, but $57,000 is almost precisely the median US household income as of September of 2016 — so it’s a lot of money, no matter how you put it.

Windows 10 might be getting a “game mode” in the near future

A Windows 10 developer reports they found a dynamic-link library called “gamemode” in the latest Windows 10 developer build. Supposedly, the feature is to adjust computational resources when running a game so the game squeezes out all available power from your machine.

That’s not such a far-fetched idea. Microsoft has been making moves to approach console and PC gamer experiences with Xbox One running Windows 10 and games bought in one platform giving you digital copies in the other. So far, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the so-called Game Mode, but with the approaching early 2017 release of a Windows 10 Creators Update, we might have more news for you. Stay tuned.

Fantasy Flight Games releases sticker packs for iOS

The Messages app for Apple devices is getting an eldritch addition as Fantasy Flight releases three sticker packs for iOS 10. They are Arkham Toon, Android, and Runebound.

So if you want to add some of your favorite Arkham investigators and monsters, customize your rig with characters from the Android Universe, or bring a world of high fantasy adventure to your iPhone, look for those sticker packs at the App Store both for iPhone and iPad by searching for Fantasy Flight Games or going through this link. Each sticker pack costs $1.99.

The latest supplement for the Bulldogs! RPG is a gigantic campaign

Heart of the Fury, by Gareth Hanrahan, has just been released by Galileo Games for Bulldogs!, the high-action space adventure RPG powered by FATE Core. In Heart of the Fury, a strange new group has emerged, and they are busy trying to capture the Frontier Zone. Your adventurers’ mission is to find what’s driving them, and why do their enemies keep surrendering and switching sides.

Heart of the Fury is actually a dozen interconnected adventures, and it also adds new rules for Bulldogs!, including a new Psychic skill and stunts to add mental powers to the game, three new playable alien species, and an excellent example of how to craft a full arc campaign to your game.

The mega-campaign is available on DriveThruRPG and Indie Press Revolution as $10 PDF. Tallying up 262 pages, Heart of the Fury is bigger than the core book.

The Pathfinder RPG has found its path to virtual tabletops

Paizo has reached agreements with Mesa Mundi and SmiteWorks to deliver official Pathfinder RPG content to D20PRO and Fantasy Grounds.

It’s not like players and GMs around the world don’t already play Pathfinder using the online platforms, both of which already offer support for the Pathfinder system. But now they’ll get a steady stream of official modules, rules packs, supplements, and everything the Pathfinder library has to offer.

Officially licensed Pathfinder material will start appearing on D20PRO and Fantasy Grounds sometime in 2017. We’ll keep you updated.

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