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Hello, Gamerati! Marcelo here. It’s the 11th of March, 2017. Let’s review the top 5 game news of the week here on Gamerati News Update.

Evil Hat Productions brings forth FATE Adversary Toolkit for those in need

If your campaign is in need of opposition, if your players just breeze through another mass of nameless thugs, if it’s the third time the villains lair is populated by the same obstacle course, you’re in need of the FATE Adversary Toolkit.

Written by Brian Engard and Ed Turner, in this supplement for FATE Core you’ll find: a general approach that gives you the tools to create quality adversaries regardless of setting or genre; new categories of adversaries (enemies, obstacles, and constraints), each with their own rules, functions, and samples; ideas on how to use environments to create conflict and make the most of battlefield zones; and a Rogue’s Gallery, full of sample adversaries separated by genre, with ideas on how to use the characters and settings provided to create plot.

This is the first of a series of toolkits for FATE Core. After Adversary Toolkit, you can expect City Toolkit, Space Toolkit, Espionage Toolkit, and Accessibility Toolkit. FATE Adversary Toolkit is about to go to print. Expected release is May August 2017. No MSRP as of yet.

Warmachine and Hordes ditch the physical realm and go full on digital… for its stat cards

Yeah, no. Privateer Press isn’t making their two famous miniature wargames into video games. But they’ll be discontinuing printing of stat cards in favor or digital access to them. At present, Privateer offers War Room 2, a companion app for Warmachine and Hordes that comes with rules reference, in-game features and a set of free stat cards for all factions in the free version, with full faction decks after a $8.99 in-app purchase.

And, for people who prefer to have their stat cards printed, Privateer will start offering the stat cards as PDF from their website and are currently looking into making them available as print-on-demand. Final details and prices can be expected before Lock & Load Fest 2017 on 14 July.

Clue becomes a comic book from IDW Publishing

The classic game from Hasbro will become a 5-issue comic book wth issue 1 coming out in June. Writer Paul Allor and artist Nelson Dániel will take a page form the cult 1985 movie and put a comedic spin on the story of a doomed Mr. Body and the suspicious group of guests present at Mr. Body’s mansion when he’s murdered.

You can count on protagonists Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and all the classic characters being part of this story… which will have three possible endings. Yep. Depending on which alternative issue no. 1 cover you purchase, you’ll get a different story unfolding. I’m starting to think that this comic book is more strongly based on the movie than the board game.

Amazon Game Studios hires RTS veteran as head of its Seattle 

Louis Castle will head Amazon Game Studio in Seattle. Castle is the co-founder of Westwood Studios, creators of the Command & Conquer franchise. Castle stayed with the company when they were bought by Electronic Arts and eventually became the General Manager at EA’s Blueprint Studio and then VP of Creative Development at EA Studios in Los Angeles. He left in 2009 to be the CEO of nascent GarageGames under InstantAction and later joined Zynga as VP of Studios.

He either participated or supervised more than a hundred game. From Dune 2 to The Lion King, from Blade Runner to Boom Blox, it’s very likely you played a game with his name on the credits.

Castle will oversee the production of Crucible, the competitive multiplayer action game that’s built for streaming. Couple of weeks ago we had John Smedley heading the Southern California offices of Amazon Game Studio, and now we get another veteran of the video game industry. Amazon is taking this video game business pretty serious.

Modiphius Entertainment releases Modiphia, their free digital magazine and I’ve talked with Chris Birch over Skype about it.

You can download Modiphia issue 1 from and from DriveThruRPG. I’ve put links for it in the video description below.

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