Goblins, Druids, Vampires and Spider-Man (Gamerati News Update)

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Prepubescent goblin adventures by Paizo, pre-gen Vampires for V20 by Onyx Path, AEG is about to release Mystic Vale, and Insomniac says there’s no release date for the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man.

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Paizo is giving away free prepubescent goblins. You want some?

One of the funnest, most whimsical series of adventures ever conceived in RPG form is arguably We Be Goblins by Richard Pett, released for Free RPG Day in 2011, with a sequel in 2013 and another in 2015. This year fans were surprised by a new adventure, We B4 Goblins, a prequel adventure that covers the formative years of the band of heroes of the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh.

The module is available for free as a PDF at Paizo.com or as a $5 print version. Normally for up to 4 player-characters, you can goblin-up the party by downloading two free extra characters. Just follow the link in the shownotes.

Source: Paizo

Alderac is just a few days away from releasing Mystic Vale

This is an intensely anticipated game, ranked at the top of the Hot List on Board Game Geek. Mystic Vale is the first game to use the Card Crafting System that empowers gamers to customize cards as they play. It’s the next evolution beyond deck-building games. 2–4 players take on the role of druids trying to cleanse the curse upon the land. It’s a fast, quick to learn but hard to master combination of bluff, strategy, and skill.

If you haven’t already reserved your copy of Mystic Vale with your retailer, I would do so immediately. Alderac expects the first wave of inventory to sell through very quickly. And I believe them.

Source: newsletter

Onyx Path releases Ready Made Characters for Vampire: the Masquerade

Now available from DriveThruRPG in PDF and print-on-demand, the book V20 Ready Made Characters has thirteen ready-made characters covering each of the vampire Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. Each is provided with background, role-play suggestions, art, and some potential coteries and plot hooks — everything you need to start your endless nights as one of the Kindred.

Also of note is that each of the 13 characters come in two versions: starting and experienced, so you can fit them in your brand-new campaign or a late night, spur of the moment one-shot. The best part? The PDF costs only $5.

Source: Onyx Path

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Don’t expect the next Spider-Man game for PS4 anytime soon

People were understandably hyped about the new, stand-alone and exclusive PS4 Spider-Man, what with that gorgeous trailer from E3 having been shot entirely in-engine and captured on the current PS4, not the upcoming high-end Neo model.

Insomniac Games, the studio making it, said on Twitter that there is no release date and that they are “Likely not going to announce one anytime soon.”

That was in answer to fans asking about GameStop listing the game as to be released in December 26, 2017. Insomniac stated that’s probably a placeholder date, it’s nothing to do with them. Basically, the game will be ready when it’s ready. And… really? I think it’s for the best. Better a late, well-made game than an early, half-baked one.

Source: GameSpot

Normally, a video game story ends the episode of Gamerati News Update. But I have a last one: the gaming community has lost one of ours. Steven D. Russell, CEO of Rite Publishing lost his life in a collision between two cars Tuesday evening near Dayton, Ohio. Steve was an ENnie award winning designer, developer, and publisher who had worked for Paizo, Expeditious Retreat Press, and EN Publishing. His company Rite Publishing produced over 350 products for all kinds of fantasy RPGs. My heart and thoughts go out to his family, friends, and employees. Steve’s sister has put together a fundraising page for a memorial fund.

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