Is Apple Preparing to Enter the Gaming Market?

Tonight was one of those rare times where I found myself with writer’s block. I’ve been fortunate over the years in that I always manage to find something to talk about. With zero ideas in my head for today’s article, I began poking around various news sites to see what may be happening today in the industry that I hadn’t already heard about. An article on The Mac Observer definitely caught my attention. Oh the possibilities that spring to mind at the thought of Apple FINALLY being ready to enter this gaming world of ours in a big way.

Apparently, Apple CEO Tim Cook was “spotted” visiting Valve headquarters. Many rumors have come out of this sojourn, as usual. Unnamed sources are claiming that the Cupertino giant is at long last ready to enter the gaming industry – bringing new meaning to the term “living room entertainment.” Can you even begin to imagine what could come of this? Apple has been known to disrupt the tech sector in so many ways over the past several years. What’s to stop them from completely changing this landscape, as well?

As stated in the linked article: “Cult of Mac claims that it has sources that say living room gaming are a big part of Appleā€™s long-rumored plans to launch a branded television. According to that variant of the Apple TV mythos, Apple would include an Apple-branded, Kinect-like video game console. The interface will rely heavily on motion and touch controls. As such, Apple could be talking to Valve about developing games for this platform.”

Holy! Cow! Think about it, fellow gamers. I don’t care if you’re an Apple fan or not at this moment. Just close your eyes and imagine – from a gamer perspective – the potential here. A television set which will have games directly programmed into it. A set which allows you to watch your favorite shows when YOU choose to. A piece of technology in your living room which can do both of those things AND sync with your iPhone to allow you to perhaps access your apps, your music AND your newsstand… HELLO?! The sky is the limit here and we all know it.

I for one would definitely be excited to see what Tim and his engineers come up with. It’s a complete coincidence that I just began reading the Steve Jobs biography over the weekend. I had put it off for quite some time and snagged a copy at the library the other day. I’m still only into the first couple of chapters, but already I have learned much about not only Jobs’ personal history, but also that of Silicon Valley. From transistors and amplifiers in the early days to the iPads and smartphones on the market today, the brilliant minds found in SV has played a massive part in literally changing the world as we know it. Steve Jobs and his ‘little’ company played one of the largest roles in these advances. It makes perfect sense, then, that Apple will once again alter the commercial space.

I want more!

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