It’s award season! (Gamerati News Update)

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ENnies voting is open, Diana Jones released their shortlist, Evil Hat wants your review, and Nintendo will release a miniature NES console.

It’s award season and the Ennies 2016 voting booth is open

The Ennies, or Gen Con EN World RPG Awards are open to vote.

There are a total of 25 categories to vote on, each with five selected finalists, with the exception of Fans’ Choice for Best Publisher and Product of the Year, which have ten finalists. For 24 of the 25 categories, the Ennies uses the Instant Runoff system, a similar system to the Oscars. For the judges category, the Ennies use the Single Transferrable Vote system, which is slightly different.

When you go vote, the website has links to videos explaining both systems. You have until July 21th at 11 PM Indianapolis time to cast your ballot.


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The 2016 Diana Jones Award has released their shortlist

The committee for the Diana Jones Award have put forth their shortlist, from which one will be selected to win. The list include, the organization ConTessa, the game designer Erik M. Lang, the story game Fall of Magic, the LARP design course Larpwriter Summer School, and the board game Pandemic Legacy.

The winner of this year’s award will be announced and the Diana Jones trophy will be presented at the annual Diana Jones Award Party, to be held at the Cadillac Ranch in Indianapolis on the evening of August 3rd — the night before Gen Con opens to the public.


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If you liked a game from Evil Hat enough to review it, you might win some

Evil Hat Productions has started a review giveaway. All you have to do is post a review online for an Evil Hat product and be entered into a drawing for your choice of Evil Hat products and Dresden Files comics! You have to post your review or reviews before midnight EST on July 31st and send the link to them. It’s open internationally.

Four winners will be selected at random and each winner will pick four books from a prize list. To get more detail on the rules and the prize list, follow the links in the shownotes below and good luck!


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The classic NES console is back in a cute little edition

Nintendo might be busy with the NX, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving some love to fans of the old Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. Arriving in November, a miniature version of the console first released in 1985 will come with 30 classic games in its memory and a classic controller.

This mini-NES will cost $50 and use a HDMI cable to plug it into a TV. You can buy a second controller for $10 to play the games that support 2 players or you can use a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro if you have them.


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Alright! This ends the Gamerati News Update for this week. Are you going to GenCon? I’m not going, unfortunately, but I’m curious to know what you’re most excited about this year? Leave your comment in the shownotes. I’ll be back here with four more news about gaming Monday. Bye!

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