John Goff Designing Deadlands Noir Card Game

At MisCon, today, we learned that veteran Deadlands designer John Goff is working on a card game for the franchise.

At this time, there is no final name set for the game, but Goff said:

It is non-collectible card game based on the fan-favorite Deadlands Noir RPG. Two to four players take the role of detectives in Depression-era New Orleans as they attempt to be the first to solve a high-profile murder case. The detectives must examine various locations within the city to gather the necessary clues, all the while dealing with not only the meddling of the other players, but also occasionally facing the denizens of the dark urban setting.

Although it is designed to be played as a card game, the mechanics are crafted with the intent of allowing players to use a board and playing pieces if desired. We are currently examining whether the board and pieces are going to be included in the core set or available as add-ons.

When asked when the public may get a glimpse at his work, he responded:

We’re finalizing the play right now, so hopefully we’ll be able to put a definite date on it within the next month or so. The last hitch was getting the 4-player time down to our target range (30-45 minutes), and I’m ready to start playtesting the last tweaks tomorrow with my core group. Then I’ll shoot out to the other playtest groups for more eyes. After that, it’s down to art and actual printing.

John Goff at MisCon 2014

John Goff at MisCon 2014

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