Kickstarter Backer Analysis: Standard Action Season 3

The Gamerati helped with the management and marketing for the Standard Action Season 3 Kickstarter. Here is a report of the results of that campaign, with backer numbers and amounts by source.

Goal: $12,000

Backers: 530
Total Pledged: $36,334

Dropped Backers: 1 (0.19%)
Dropped Pledges: $25 (0.07%)

Collected Backers: 529
Collected Pledges: $36,409
Funded (effective): 303%

The dropped backer and his pledge is excluded from all statistics, below.

The following information is based on Kickstarter analytics and survey responses from backers as they pledged to support the project.

Banner Advertisements
Backers: 23 (4.35%)
Pledges: $879 (2.41%)
Cost: $300
ROI: 193%

Advertisements were placed on the Gamerati network of websites.

Social media or friend referral
Backers: 283 (53.50%)
Pledges: $18,119 (49.77%)

Blogs, Podcasts, Community Sites
Backers: 52 (6.97%)
Pledges: $2,539 (6.97%)

Kickstarter Website
Backers: 146 (27.60%)
Pledges: $13,661 (37.52%)

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