Lizzie Reyes (FATE)


Coach Reilly used to say that our generation was weak. We were coddled, addicted to our phones, wouldn’t last a day in the real world. He’d always say that when civilization came crashing down, we’d all come crawling to him, begging him to protect us. And then he’d smile and say he might be able to protect some of us, and leer at one of the girls. Coach Reilly was a real creep, which is why one time, me and Jasmine and the rest of the gang all worked it out so we’d get Saturday detentions on the week Coach Reilly was the monitor, and we made sure he knew how much we did not like his tone. And he never came back.

My name’s Lizzie Reyes, and this is my school. Clifton High. It’s a real craphole… neighborhood’s got a lot a gangs and the bad kind of cops. Power goes out, sometimes for a couple days at a time. Teachers don’t always show up sober, or at all. Art program got cut. The way I figure, there’s not much I can do to make the school better, but we can at least keep it safe. So this is our territory, Jasmine and Shauna and El and Mary and Iz and me. If you have problems, doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher or student or whatever. We’ll take on your tormenter. We’ll steal your stuff back. Iz got kidnapped that one time and we managed to get her back even though that was a whole, like, thing.

But if you start causing trouble on our territory? Well, buddy, you have made a mistake, because we will let you know that we don’t appreciate that sort of thing. And funnily enough, nobody needs to get told twice.

character sheet and backstory by Ed Turner
art by Megan Wyreweden

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Name: Lizzie Reyes
Refresh: 3

High Concept: Clifton High’s Self-Appointed Champion
Trouble: Itching to Unleash Some Aggression
Other Aspects: I’d Do Anything For Jasmine, Got a Reputation and a Record, You’ll Never See Me Sweat

Great (+4): Fight
Good (+3): Athletics, Provoke
Fair (+2): Burglary, Notice, Will
Average (+1): Contacts, Deceive, Physique, Stealth

Ready For Action: When determining initiative in a conflict, Lizzie gets +2 to whatever skill is used and goes first in the event of a tie.

Bat with Nails In It: As weapons go, it’s more intimidating than practical. Lizzie gets +2 when using Provoke to create an advantage by intimidating a target with her signature weapon, as long as she isn’t already in combat with that target.

Fancy Moves: Lizzie used to be pretty good at gymnastics, before the school had to sell off all the equipment. Whenever she uses Athletics to overcome an obstacle by climbing, leaping, or otherwise demonstrating some mad parkour moves, Lizzie treats success (even success that comes at a cost) as success with style, generating a boost.

Physical: 3
Mental: 3


Lizzie is part of the Girl Gang. Feel free to create backstories and sheets for the other members. Use the Girl Gang in your own game, or make an entire World of Adventure for them to live in. Send me an email with your creations and/or thoughts.


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