MisCon 27

MisCon is a four-day literary and arts show in Missoula, Montana that focuses on the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. This year, MisCon was held May 24 – 27, 2013.

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Nifty posters and art: There were fun – and funny – posters everywhere, informing attendees about events, but also encouraging such useful things as personal hygiene.
Mother Russia Washes You

Well-attended panels: As a literary convention, the focus in mostly on authors and it shows. While panels at some events are ghost towns, not so at MisCon. What’s more, as you can see in this photo, the staff do a good job decorating the main rooms to really make them look nice.
MisCon Panels

Green space: There’s a nice stream running behind the hotel where MisCon is held. Between that stream and the convention rooms is a nice green area where staff hosted a Sunday BBQ under tents, and where the SCA and other groups held demonstrations of everything from combat to fire dancing.
The Realm

Great guests: In the past, MisCon had invited Steven Brust, George R. R. Martin, Tracy Hickman, and more. This year, we were blessed to have none other than Jim Butcher on hand, doing readings, panels and signing. Prop master Dragon Dronet was also on hand, participating in panels and combat demonstrations. Here’s a video of Dragon firing a crossbow used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Oh, and games: With Butcher in the house, it’s fitting that there was a 3-day Dresden Files game (set in Tokyo). We finally got a chance to play REX, and Paizo (the guest publisher) showed up en masse, with dozens of Pathfinder games all weekend.

Each year, MisCon has a theme. Last year, the show was overrun by Faeries. A few years ago, the Illuminati took over and indoctrinated attendees. It took some preparation, but this year the Resistance made themselves know, attempting to reclaim the hearts and minds of the Treasure State. Were they successful? Watch this video from the closing ceremonies and find out – and get a hit at the theme for MisCon 28.

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MisCon was a great show and we’re hoping the Gamerati will be invited back again in 2014.

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* View photos from MisCon 27 on Facebook.

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