Mistborn: House War funded already, Castle Falkenstein gets supplements, and more! (Gamerati News Updates)

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Crafty’s board game Mistborn: House War is already a success, Castle Falkenstein will get new books from Fat Goblin Games, Sally 4th announces Shopping Mall Corner, and RAINN Studios releases Incantris online in advance of the physical game!

Mistborn House War launched on Kickstarter a day ago, funded in less than 5 hours, and it’s already over two stretch goals

The Kickstarter for the semi co-op board game designed by industry veteran Kevin Wilson and published by Crafty Games is doing very good, thank you. In Mistborn: House War you and up to 4 more people are in command of the Final Empire’s great Houses during the cataclysmic events of the novel Mistborn: The Final Empire, the first book in the awesome series by Brandon Sanderson.

I’m not going to say a lot about the project because it would diminish the experience of going to the page and looking at the gorgeous artwork and watching some uncanny video they have there, but I can say this: you can appreciate the game without knowing anything about the novels and you can download the full rules to check it out by yourself. This game is being in production for two years. There’s a link in the shownotes for the Kickstarter page. Take a look!

Source: Kickstarter

Castle Falkenstein will get its first supplement material in years

Fat Goblin Games has closed a licensing deal with the original publisher, F. Taslorian Games, to create original supplemental material for RPG Castle Falkenstein.

Published originally in 1994, the RPG introduces gamers to the Victorian Era world of New Europa in which elves, dwarves, and dragons share the world with humans, zeppelins, gaslit streets, magick and gunpowder. It went on to win an Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules and a Nigel D. Findley Memorial Award for Best Role-Playing Product.

Castle Falkenstein was one of the very first RPGs I played that wasn’t Dungeons & Dragons or GURPS and what I remember best about it, apart from the very cool setting, was the mechanics. They’re elegant, easy to learn, and you use a deck of cards to play instead of dice because gentlemen don’t play dice.

The first book to come out is going to be a bestiary called Curious Creatures by the end of summer. It’ll be followed by regional guides, rules expansions, and much more.

Source: Fat Goblin Games

The one thing that was missing from your wargame now exists: a shopping mall model

Shopping Mall Corner is the most recent addition to the Urban Block Gaming Set by Sally 4th. It comes with a 300 x 300 mm base, building blocks with glazed windows, opening doors and professionally printed cover sheets with a choice of floor coverings for shops. The set contains 4 x 100 mm square Terra-Blocks that can be re-arranged to make a Mall Entrance, a Mall Floor Tile, a Mall Corner Shop (which can be built as left- or right-hand corner), or a Mall In-line Shop.

As always, it’s compatible with all previous Terra-Blocks from Sally 4th.

I can’t believe how many times I wanted such a thing to exist for my miniature games, skirmish or RPGs — and now they do. Follow the link in the shownotes for more information on how to pre-order.

Source: Sally 4th

Play Incantris online before the project goes live

Incantris is a board game of magical combat in which each player controls a team of three wizards each with different spells and abilities. It’s been in development by RAINN Studios for the last 18 months. This week an online version went live at Tabletopia and you can play it with friends for free.

RAINN Studios will also be showcasing a prototype of Incantris on First Exposure Hall at GenCon this year. So you have plenty of opportunities to check this game out before the Kickstarter goes live at the end of the summer.

Source: incantris.com

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