(Never)winter is coming (for PS4), Mayfair after Zombies!!!, & more! (Gamerati News Update)

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Not even a faulty teleprompter will stop me from letting you know that the Neverwinter MMO is coming to Playstation 4, that Twilight Creations is now part of the Mayfair Games family, that the new D&D board game by WizKids is called Assault of the Giants, or that Maxis is removing all binary gender locks from The Sims 4 so you can make your characters however gender-fluid you want!

Winter is coming. Neverwinter. For PS4. I warned you!

The MMO Neverwinter, based on the beloved D&D franchise, developed by Cryptic Studios and and published by Perfect World Entertainment, is coming to PS4 this year.

You won’t be needing a Playstation Plus account to play the game. That’s a big difference from the Xbox One version released last year, in which a Xbox Live Gold subscription is required.

In a press release, the publisher further explained that Neverwinter’s PS4 edition comes with “optimized” controls that make use of the DualShock 4’s touchpad and party chat.

There isn’t a set date for release yet. All they say is summer. There’s also a new expansion coming, called Storm King’s Thunder. It’ll be released first for Windows and eventually for Xbox One and PS4.

Source: GameSpot

Mayfair Games Acquires Twilight Creations

The Illinois company has announced it acquired a controlling interest in Twilight Creations, better known for the game Zombies!!! All logistical operations for Twilight Creations are being moved from Cincinnati to Skokie, IL, where Mayfair Games is.

Twilight Creations and Mayfair will have their own distinct booths at GenCon this year, but Mayfair will at Origins next week with a showcase for the product line of Zombies!!!, which is a no-brainer.

Heh-heh-heh. This joke isn’t even mine.

Source: Mayfair Games and Purple Pawn (joke source)

Assault of the Giants is the new D&D board game by WizKids and let’s see how many puns I can fit into this one

WizKids and WotC announced a new Dungeons & Dragons board game designed by Andrew Parks. For 2-6 players, Assault of the Giants challenges you to command one of the six types of giants of Northern Faerûn and claim the right to rule over all giantkind. You will command giants and assault settlements to score points and secure important resources, such as food, treasure, ore, and runes. The [a-ham] giant box will include 14 Giants miniatures, measuring from around 4” to over 5 ½” in height.

Assault of the Giants is scheduled to release in Spring 2017, with a giant price tag of $100.

Source: WizKids

The Sims 4 has removed gender restrictions in character creation

Maxis, the game developer, has announced that it’s removing gender restrictions to allow for gender-fluid characters who can dress and look however they want, without binary labels. In a public statment, Maxis said that “[f]or the first time, you’ll be able to customize your sims without the gender boundaries previously set in place”.

According to them, this update has been a year in the making and it involved meddling over 700 pieces of content (including all the DLCs) previously restricted by gender, as well as removing gender symbols from the gallery. Producer Lyndsay Pearson said the changes came about after much request from players and they used the opportunity “to nurture what’s always been an inclusive environment for all our players.”

The producers even showed the changes to GLAAD, the NGO that monitors the portrait of LGBTQ people in media, to make sure they were doing things right. That is very, very cool!

Source: PCGamesN

There you have it. This episode of Gamerati News Update ends here, but before I go, I’d like you to know that the 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Game Swap is happening at the Foulon Residence in Puyallup, WA on June 26. Starting at 10 AM, you can sell, buy or trade games with your fellow gamers. There is no fee or application required to attend, whether you bring games or not. More information in this link.

Be there if you can. I’ll be seeing you again Thursday.

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