Oh, CMON! (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Monday, August 8th. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about gaming from last week that you might find particularly interesting.

Ultra PRO, the sports collectibles company probably better known amongst games for their card sleeves, has acquired Stone Blade Entertainment.

Ultra PRO will handle publishing, marketing, and promotion of all present and upcoming games from Justin Gary, Stone Blade Entertainment CEO, under Ultra PRO’s newly formed Entertainment Division. The deck-building game Ascension is arguably Stone lade’s best known game.

This is another step in Ultra PRO’s move to get the foot on the door of the game market that started with the acquisition of Jolly Roger Games about a year ago. I think the company, who so far had specialized in collector products, has a lot to offer to our industry. It’s good to have them here.

Target will release 50 Target-exclusive board and card games beginning… well, some of them are already in stores.

I’ve already mentioned Oregon Trail Card Game here. Joining the game an exclusive version of Codenames called Codenames: Deep Undercover, an introductory Ticket to Ride box called Ticket to Ride First Journey, a retro line for Monopoly, Sorry!, and Clue, but most of the games will be completely new IPs, such as Really Bad Art, Stick Stack, Suspicion, Klask, Marbles the Brain Store, and a lot more.

Target will be constantly putting out those games throughout the fall in the US. Their aim is to capitalize on the board game Renaissance we’re going through, as many people already go to Target to buy their board games.

I, for one, have every intention of getting back from Orlando in October with a copy of Oregon Trail Card Game in my suitcase.

CoolMiniOrNot becomes CMON

CoolMiniOrNot is the board game publishing arm of CMON Limited, but starting this fall, CoolMiniOrNot will be rebranded CMON and game boxes will start carrying the new logo as soon as they’re printed. The new logo gets a little distance from the miniature hobby focus and more into a general game feel, as suggested by the game pieces that form the letters C and N.

The newly CMON also pulls Zombicide a little closer…

…with its parent company, CMON Limited, having recently acquired the intellectual property rights of Zombicide from Guillotine Games.

You might be asking, wasn’t Zombicide a CoolMiniOrNot game already? They were even responsible for the recently Kickstarted Zombicide – The Black Plague, the fantasy-themed take on Zombicie, right? Yeah, well, Zombicide was created and until now it belonged to Guillotine Games, a designing house if you will, who has exclusive publishing rights with CMON. CMON would publish and find distribution channels for Zombicide and all other Guillotine Games, such as Massive Darkness or Blood Rage. If you missed the KS for Massive Darkness, by the way, there’s still time for a late pledge. Don’t miss out, the game is awesome!

OK, four news pieces from last week. I kinda cheated with the last one there, but… well, four news! You can find links to all the news covered here and a link to a transcript down in the shownotes. That’s all for now but I’ll be back Thursday with four more news from the world of gaming. Bye!

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