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Catalyst Game Labs and Lynnvander Studios announce Galaxy Quest: The Board Game, Greater Than Games reveals the next two expansions for Sentinel Tactics, Corvus Belli Infinity launches Operation: Red Veil, and VP Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation steps down.

By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall play this game!

Catalyst Game Labs and Lynnvander Productions are set to create Galaxy Quest: The Board Game. It’s not going to be a “in universe” game in which you play as the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector. It’s Galaxy Quest: The Board Game will put you and your friends in the shoes of the actors of the TV show and what happens when they have to face real alien threats by using the tried and true worker placement mechanic.

The game has just being announced, so there’s no release date, MSRP or even prototype pictures yet, but to all that I say, “Never give up. Never surrender.”

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Sentinel Tactics gets two expansions this year

Greater Than Games has opened pre-orders for two expansions to their tactical hex grid super-hero combat game. The first one is the standalone box Battle for Broken City, which includes twelve new characters, three scenario books, and two map locations.

The second requires one of the base boxes to play. It’s called For Profit, bringing six characters of the title team, plus a scenario book.

Sentinel Tactics has a really cool way of approaching co-op. A team of players can go against one player who controls the villain, or against another team of players, because of course super-hero teams will always fight when they meet. MSRP for Battle of Broken City is $40 and for For Profit is $20. You can find a link for pre-order in the shownotes.

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Also on pre-order is Operation: Red Veil for Infinity

Corvus Belli has started accepting pre-orders for this new box for their sci-fi wargame with metal miniatures. Operation: Red Veil comes with new Yu Jing and Haqqislam Starter Packs, two exclusive miniatures (one per faction, only available in this Battle Pack), 12 other miniatures, 6 dice, a scenery pack, markers and templates and the rulebook. They promise the same insane level of detail in their sculpts as the base game.

If you pre-order Operation: Red Veil (which works as a stand-alone game, by the way) you get one exclusive Yuan Yuan mercenary miniature. Pre-order goes until August 9th, the price is €90. Yep. It’s 15 28 mm metal miniatures. It’s expensive.

Source: Infinity the Game

PlayStation executive Adam Boyes is leaving the company to get back making games

The Vice President of third party relations and developer technology group at PlayStation, the company under Sony that, guess what, is in charge of the console, announced on Twitter that he’s leaving “to return to the world of game development”.

Adam Boyes has worked for Capcom and Starbreeze Studios before going the position he’s was until this week, a position held for over four years. I wish the best of luck to him and I look forward to see where he lands next.

Source: GameSpot

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