Preparing your FATE (03)


No longer a superhero game. If you read the last post (and I suggest you do) you’ll know that the characters are all crazy and forced to live in 20s era Chicago with an “eldritch” overtone.

This is what I feared, folks. What in the world do I do with this? Today’s the next session where we try to figure out what these characters are doing. The Ninja Turtle dropped out, but I will be receiving a new player to take their place. We’ll have to go over character creation, but quick character building is a strong suit of FATE.

The PCs have a speakeasy that’s been found out by the police and they’re beginning to get found out. They’ve already killed one cop and are having trouble covering that up. When we left off last time, they were about to bring the police chief back to the speakeasy (scene of the crime) and hoo-boy I really don’t just want to throw them in the slammer for the rest of eternity. If you remember, though; Jeff Saphire (Mike) was sent to find the other “players” that The Dungeon Master (Rob) trapped here in this eldritch game world. These guys have to show up at some point to drive home the idea that they’re the bad guys so here goes. First of all, I’ll explain that the 4 bad guys or “lost players” are young kids that The Dungeon Master (Rob) ran a game for a long time ago. heck, they could even call themselves the lost boys (maybe).

So meet the bad guys: Colin, Jacob, Sammy, and Eliot. Colin is a ghost – think Slimer from Ghostbusters in a sidekick way, but not in a comic relief way. Jacob is a detective like Jeff Diamond (Mike) almost exactly. Since Jeff is a native of this world, I figured that Jacob would just copy the character exactly and see if hilarity ensues. Sammy is a boxer and a fighter. He’s the wimpiest of the kids so he made the strongest most badass pugilist you’ve ever seen. And Eliot is a librarian. Eliot has decided to make a super enhanced version of himself; nerdy but brilliant. And I think that covers the tropes enough to make my PC’s roll their eyes a bit.

the good guys are already in trouble with the law so I’m not sure how they’re gonna get out of this one, folks. But if there’s one thing I know about FATE players, it’s that they’ll surprise you.

I want more!

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