Pugmire – Bird Class Tricks (Artisan)


I’ve been thinking about how these birds fit into the world of Pugmire amidst the Artisans, Guardians, Shepards and such. You may have noticed as I have that the classes within Pugmire seem to suggest 2 separate playstyles each (for now). My aim for the next few weeks is to challenge that and add a third way to augment each class. Some of these are very straight forward and some are a bit harder.

For the Artisan: Focus Magic is the clear go-to for a Wizard/Sorcerer build. Pugmire treats magic differently than classic or 5th Edition D&D (which the OGL is based off). It seems to follow a more “sorcerer” style, where the caster is constantly re-gaining spells through short rests, and are able to cast them on the spot rather than preparing them. On the other hand, one could go for all the other tricks in the Artisan kit and build a more “bardic” character rather easily, taking Focus Magic every so often to enhance their abilities.

For these new tricks, I wanted to dive into what I feel birds might do when faced with magic. I get the feeling that Birds are less respectful than dogs (but more than Cats). Birds would be the first to tap into darker magics that might be a little dangerous or unstable. Dogs clearly have a knack for doing what the master told them to do, but Birds are survivors. They look to any means to keep themselves and their families alive. While they might not be power hungry, they certainly would be willing to compromise when it comes to survival. Artisans who take the following tricks might be seen as outcasts or anathema. No one refers to them as “Artisans” as it taints the true magical arts of respectable Artisans

Artisan Tricks:
Ancient Connection:

The Artisan with this trick has a deeper connection to the magic they wield. When this trick is taken, the Artisan must choose one 0 level spell. This spell does not require a spell slot and may be cast freely.

  • The Artisan may swap out their 0 level spell for a 1st level spell, or a 1st for a 2nd and so on.

Dangerous Power:
The Artisan with this trick may cast spells more powerfully if they’re willing to sacrifice their own life force. On any spell that deals damage, the artisan may reduce their HP to add another dice of damage. They must spend HP equal to the mean of the dice they are adding. For example. If the Artisan wants to cast Acid Splash they may add another d6 at the cost of 3 hp. You may only add dice that are already part of the spell.

  • The Artisan may add any dice to a spell as long as they pay the HP cost
  • The artisan may reduce the HP cost by 1. This refinement may be taken twice.

The Artisan with this trick gains a familiar. The familiar is a creature chosen by the Artisan (like a toad, beetle, imp, or lizard). The Artisan can communicate freely with this creature, and can give it complex commands. This creature is small or tiny and grants the Artisan one extra spell slot of the Artisans choice. The Artisan may scry through the creature once per long rest, at a range of 60 ft. You may also cast spells through the creature at a range of 30 ft.

  • You may double the ranges on scrying and casting.
  • You may Scry once per short rest.
  • The Familiar can grant a 2nd spell slot.

So what do you think? You can see the full workup of all the brid-rules on google docs HEREAnd please join the conversation on Reddit.

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