Pugmire – Bird Class Tricks (Guardian)


One thing I haven’t made clear yet about these tricks I’m building: These are not just for birds. One thing that I see in the way that Pugmire is written, is that it’s one of the most open forms of race/class combining I’ve seen in a D&D-like game. That means that we homebrewers should be free to create TONS of content for a game like Pugmire and have it transcend any other limitations that you might see in D&D.

This week I’m focusing on the Guardians. The Guardians are clearly meant to be defensive, but I see them more as Knights rather than, say, true Paladins. “Inspiring Word” is where the quick start rules touch on the Paladin possibilities of the Guardians, but I think we need more. These following tricks are meant to add some minor healing abilities to the Guardian class and tap into the divine power of man.

As usual, the master document can be found here :)

Guardian Tricks:
When the Guardian makes a melee attack, they may spend one of their hit dice to deal 1d10 extra damage. They may do this a number of times per day equal to their Charisma modifier. The Guardian may not use this power if they do not have any hit dice remaining.

  • The guardian may take this refinement up to 5 times gaining +1 to the damage dealt by this effect.

Turn the Feral:
As an action, the Guardian forces all feral creatures to make a wisdom saving throw. (DC is 8 + proficiency + cha). Any who fail are turned for one minute or until they take damage. a turned creature must spend all of their movement on their turn running from the guardian, using the dash action, and they may not use their reaction. The guardian may use this ability a number of times per day equal to their charisma modifier.

  • The guardian may also turn undead
  • The guardian may also turn monstrous beings (dire animals, monstrous insects)
  • The guardian may also turn demons

I want more!

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