Pugmire – Bird Class Tricks (Hunters)


Many birds are natural hunters and yet I don’t really see them using a bow and arrow that often. The hunter class is usually an artillery class and most birds already have an advantage in that area just from being able to fly. So for the addon tricks that I’ve been constructing; I want to ground them a little more, and make use of their natural weapons.

The Google doc is here to share

Hunter Tricks:
Two-Weapon fighting:
The hunter with this trick may wield two light weapons (or unarmed) and make an attack with each as their attack action.

  • The hunter may make both attacks while flying.
  • The hunter may wield a one-handed weapon in their main hand.
  • The hunter may add their Hunter level as damage if attacking while unarmed.

The Hunter with this trick is an expert trapper and ambusher. They are given a number of traps per day equal to their level plus their proficiency modifier. When the Trapper takes this trick they choose 2 of the traps below. they may take this trick multiple times gaining one more trap each time.

  • Ambush Leader: If the hunter acts first in the initiative round they may spend a trap as a bonus action to gain their proficiency bonus as damage for one attack.
  • Snap Trap: The hunter may spend a trap as an action to place a snap trap within 5 ft of her. If a creature other than the hunter comes within 5ft of the trap, it snaps shut on them, ending their turn. They are also grappled and take 1d6 damage. the creature may use it’s action to make a DC16 Strength check to escape.
  • Slip Trap: The hunter may spend a trap as an action to affect a 15×15 foot area with grease, causing the area to become slick. Any creature caught in the grease must make a dex save as part of their movement (DC14) or fall prone. The grease is flammable
  • Fire Trap: The hunter may spend a trap as an action to ward a doorway or passage no bigger than 10′. Any creature who passes through that doorway or passage must make a dex save (DC14). A creature takes 3d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • First Striker: The hunter may spend a trap as a reaction to make a melee attack against a creature that closes within 5 feet of the hunter.
  • Drawn in: The hunter may spend a trap as part of their move action to move half their speed, instead of their full speed. Creatures that were adjacent to the hunter or come into contact with the hunter during this movement move with the hunter and end adjacent to her. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity from enemies who are drawn by the hunter. the hunter may exclude creatures from this effect. Any excluded enemies may make AOOs as usual. A hunter may not fly during this movement.
  • Emergency trap: The hunter may spend a trap as a reaction to place a trap between themselves and someone within 5ft. this trap detonates and does no damage but pushes both the hunter and the other creature 10ft (so the hunter and the other creature should be 20ft from each other). If either creature cannot move the full distance the extra distance is applied to the other. if neither can move the full distance they each take 2d4 force damage.

This is going to take some playtesting for sure, so I hope someone can let me know what they find. The fire trap is the same as burning hands (paws?), which seems a little high to me, but in practice may be okay. Come join us on Reddit to discuss.

Happy Gaming. :)

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