Pugmire – Bird Class Tricks (Ratters)


The Ratter is the traditional “Thief” or “Rogue” trope class. The existing tricks lean heavily toward that end and I would like to introduce a few other options that say more “swashbuckler” to me. Parrots, Seagulls and all kinds of waterfowl seem to be the best fit, but I can TOTALLY see a pirate crow or dueling ostrich.

The Google doc is here to share

Ratter Tricks:
Dueling style:
The Ratter who takes this trick may deal extra damage if they are engaged one-on-one. When fighting an enemy and there are no creatures within 5 feet of either the Ratter or his enemy, the Ratter may add 1d6 to one of her damage rolls per turn.

  • The Ratter may add the 1d6 damage to all of her attack rolls in a single turn.
  • The Ratter may add the 1d6 damage to all opportunity attacks.
  • The Ratter may disengage as a bonus action.
  • Change the 1d6 to 1d8.
    • If taken a 2nd-time change the 1d8 to 2d6.
    • If taken a 3rd-time change the 2d6 to 2d10.

The Ratter who takes this trick is a master pickpocket. At any time during the Ratters movement when he is within 5ft of his target, he may make a dexterity check versus the targets wisdom mod +10. If successful, the Ratter may take one item from that creature. If the target is aware of the Ratter, the difficulty is increased by 2. If the Ratter is engaged in combat with the target, the difficulty is increased by 5

  • If the target moves past the Ratter, he may use his reaction to pilfer.
  • If the Ratter is hidden from the target he will gain advantage on the roll.
  • Remove the difficulty increase if the target is aware of the Ratter and if the target is engaged in combat with the Ratter the difficulty is increased by 2.
  • The Ratter may Pilfer two items or one item and add something to the target’s pockets.

The Ratter with this trick may spend an action to perform a flourish. Until the beginning of their next turn, they are granted +1 AC. Any creature who attacks the Ratter must take 2 damage to do so.

  • The Ratter may add +2 to AC and do 3 damage to all attackers.
    If this refinement is taken again they may instead use their CHA for AC and damage

Tell me what you think – sometimes I wonder if certain abilities are overpowered  – I know automatic damage always had me second guessing, but hey – if the Wizard can just throw magic missiles then why not? Come over to Reddit to give your opinion on the matter!

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