Pugmire – Bird Class Tricks (Strays)


One thing you might have noticed so far about the articles is that I’ve been trying to add Monastic aspects to the various callings. I really feel like birds would fit the monk role naturally as some are definitely loners. The same could be said for cats but definitely not for dogs. The Stray Calling seems to actually fit the role the best so I’ve decided to run with that. Generally the Monks of D&D have lowered hit dice. The d12 of the stray is a bit high but I’ve always felt that a true monk would have more of an “iron body” quality that would increase their HP over their AC. So to me, this works out perfectly.

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Stray Tricks:
Battle Meditation:
The Battle Meditation that a Stray may enter keeps her grounded and aware of her surroundings while in the midst of battle. Once before sleeping, the stray can choose to enter battle meditation. This gives her the following effects for one fight:

  • An Edge on all Dexterity-related Roles
  • +2 to unarmed damage rolls
  • Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage


  • The Stray may now meditate a number of times equal to their Wis mod
  • The Stray now get’s +4 to unarmed damage rolls while battle meditating
    • If taken again, any unarmed melee hits while battle meditating are considered critical hits

The stray with this trick may strike many times in succession before their opponent can react. The stray with this ability may make unarmed attacks as many times as their proficiency modifier as a single action.

  • The stray may now attack multiple targets with the same action.
    • The stray may now split their movement between attacks. They are still subject to normal rules of opportunity attacks.
  • If three or more attacks are against a single creature and all of those attacks hit, the creature becomes stunned.

The Stray with this trick, may wrestle others rendering them less effective in battle. As an action, the stray may make an unarmed melee attack against an enemy. The attack does no damage, but restrains the creature. On the creatures turn they may use an action to make a strength saving throw vs the strays strength score or a dex saving throw vs the strays dex score to become freed. This saving throw is not subject to the disadvantage of being grappled. Once escaped the creature gains advantage on subsequent escapes.

  • If this causes a bird to fall out of the sky, the stray takes no damage and the grappled creature takes double damage.
    • If taken again, the creature remains restrained for one more round after freeing themselves.
  • If the Grappled creature fails their escape check the stray may use their reaction to attack the creature with an unarmed strike

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